Three Shades of Trending Green for 2022

The three trending shades of green for 2022 are mint green, emerald green, and olive green. Find out more about them!
Three Shades of Trending Green for 2022

Last update: 12 January, 2022

The three shades of trending green for 2022 will give new life to your home. Undoubtedly, these shades will contribute to renewing your decor, after a difficult year clouded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These tones are directly related to nature, peace, and serenity, which are beneficial aspects for your mental well-being and family health. In this article, we’re going to tell you more about the shades of trending green for 2022 and the correct ways in which you can combine them. The latter is very important because green isn’t always an easy color to mix.

Do you want to know more about these green trends for the new year? Keep reading!

The color green, like many other colors, has a great variety of shades. Depending on their location in the color palette, you’ll find light, dark, cold, warm, and fiery greens. Choosing the right green depends on what you want to achieve for your decor and also on current trends and fashions.

According to color psychology, green is the color of nature, humanity, and hope. It’s often used to balance emotions, stimulate compassion, revitalize the spirit, and banish exhaustion. Without a doubt, they’re all sensations that you’ll want to circulate throughout your home.

To all of this, we can add the visual aspect. You’ll see how the three tones of trending green for 2022 will make your home look very elegant. Without further ado, here we go!

Mint green

One of the shades of green most used by interior designers is mint green. This color is part of the lighter tones and it has a great advantage: it’s very bright. It transmits joy, energy, and vitality.

Although it’s a color that only arrived on the scene a few years ago, it’ll continue to be a trend in 2022 and, perhaps, over the years to come. Its use in this new year will be focused on living rooms, bedrooms, and terraces.

We’ll review the appropriate combinations later in this article, but this particular shade goes very well with light yellow and traditional white.

Decorate with emerald green

Another of the trending green tones for 2022 is emerald. It’s a striking, lively, and very warm color, used in homes to promote security, tranquility, and glamor. Despite being so vibrant, when it’s well combined it’ll make your home look elegant and out of the ordinary.

However, being so strong, it’s recommendable to choose a single wall in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom to paint in this tone and transform it into a contrasting focus wall. In this instance, the idea is to use white or other lighter tones alongside emerald to generate balance.

What’s more, emerald green is so beautiful that it goes great on furniture, wallpaper, cushions, and curtains, among other accessories.

Olive green will remain in force

Have you heard of olive green before? This is one of the green tones that’ll trend in 2022. It’s widely used by interior designers because it offers all the benefits of green, but it isn’t as vivid as the other two tones we mentioned.

Olive green is a balance point between a mint green and emerald green. Being darker, it looks great in combinations with white, light yellow, and blue and metallic tones such as silver. It all depends on your tastes and expectations.

The best combinations for trendy green tones

Olive green

Color experts have found a wide variety of combinations for green tones in general, not just the three that’ll be trending during 2022. In addition to the greens that we’ve mentioned, there are other tones that’ll also become popular, including earth tones.

In summary, the ideal colors to combine with trending green tones are yellow, blue, and warm colors in their lightest versions. Also silver and other green tones will work beautifully, as long as they’re different from the main color you’ve chosen.

Keep in mind that combinations aren’t just limited to walls and you can make the best choice when you visualize your spaces as a whole. Simply consider the appearance of your walls when you add decorative elements to the room, such as rugs, tables, furniture, curtains, and chairs, among others.

Finally, remember that green tones go wonderfully well with wood finishes and natural materials.

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