Pink Decor - Forget the Stereotypes!

Dare to decorate with pink? Here are the keys to success!
Pink Decor - Forget the Stereotypes!

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Feminine, cheesy, girly… That’s how people have seen pink for years. But today, pink decor is hotter than ever. In our post, we want to show you how to decorate with pink and fill your home with good vibes.

La vie en rose

sofás rosas con cojines de colores

Pink is a color that’s here to stay. It’s delicate, romantic, gentle and great for combining with other colors. Pink decor is a safe bet for homes and impressing guests.

Until recently, people used pink for baby rooms, but today, it’s featured in every room in home decor. The best part is that its diverse tones offer plenty of decor possibilities for any room.

Decor combinations for pink decor

pink decor combinations

Certain color combinations are a match made in heaven. Pink has 3 perfect combinations. You can use them for your textiles, walls or even on furniture. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Pink and white. This a classic combination that’s sure to make your home look brighter and bigger.
  2. Pink and gray. Pink and gray is your ideal option if you’re scared of sickly sweet decor. The dusty and muted tones make a wonderful duo for industrial spaces.
  3. Pink and green. This color combination evokes nature. It looks gorgeous with any tone. Pastels are precious and gentle while more saturated tones look extremely elegant. Go bold!

Pulling off pink decor

pink decor tips

Paint your doors

If you’re not scared of being bold, try painting your doors pink. Or, if that’s too much for you, just paint your front doors pink and decorate the rest of your home entrance with light, neutral tones to complement.


pink decor couch

Velvet couches fell out of style but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an option anymore. They’re actually perfect for creating chic home decor,

What about armchairs?

We have two great ideas for armchairs. Our first idea is using a pink upholstery on footed armchairs that have wooden armrests. They’ll give a warm yet functional touch to your overall decor.

Or if you’re more of a Hollywood Regency type, you’ll love a pink armchair with golden details. If you can’t find one, add a metallic center table instead. You’ll love the look!

Wallpaper for pink decor

You can find gorgeous wallpaper options that fit into any decor. Try floral, Liberty of London or geometric prints. Pick the one that best suits your home.

Pink chairs

A dining table can also look beautiful in pink. Use a wooden table, or a white one, and set different tones of the same colored chairs around it: pink, green, blue, and yellow. It’ll look gorgeous!

Pink decor for the bathroom, too

pink decor bathroom

You can even use pink decor in your bathroom for supreme elegance. Paint a wall, add decor accessories and use metallic rose quartz for details. How’s that for an idea?

Combine different textures together

Another great idea is combining different textures and patterns together. Switch them up on pillows, throws, rugs, or even bedding.

We hope our ideas will set you on your way to pink decor success.