A Beige Couch - The Perfect Matching Furniture

Try making a change and pick out a beige couch for your living room. It's the best way to create a different look in the space without losing any warmth.
A Beige Couch - The Perfect Matching Furniture

Last update: 13 October, 2019

If you’re looking for a way to furnish your living room with colors that go well together, we love the idea of a beige couch. It’s super easy to match it with other parts of your living room decor. It’s not a common choice, but it can bring a lot to your home.

We generally pick out darker colors when we don’t want to create tension in a room or have clashing colors. Some things like dark blue, black, and gray can all be great in a living room, but what if you want something lighter that still goes well with your decoration?

Lots of people think that you can furnish a space and create a dialogue between all the elements through the use of proportions and scale. The truth, though, is that colors play a huge role in terms of the themes and feel of the space, and how everything comes together in a room.

Why beige?

A beige velvet couch in the living room.

This color has lots to offer in terms of decoration. It may seem a bit bland or dull, and frankly, it’s not the most eye-catching shade at first glance. That being said, it can work really well when it comes to decorative combinations and making sure things match.

Of course, there are multiple different shades of beige. Light beige is the specific shade that’s really paving a path in the interior design world, though. Why is that? To put it simply, light colors tend to be much easier to match with.

We want you to start thinking of the couch as something that doesn’t have to be a centerpiece or the main focus of attention in the room. Beige is a color that doesn’t draw direct attention, but it doesn’t create clashes either. It’s at a kind of halfway point between an earth tone and a neutral tone.

Beige is a relatively easy color to match with.

4 steps to transforming your living room with a beige couch

If you want to give this room a completely new look, you should use original decor items that have a distinct aesthetic. Most people will use the same basic colors when decorating. But this is a chance for you to change things up and decorate in a completely new way.

  • If you want a sense of simplicity and easy combinations, you can get a linen beige couch. This material is very soft to the touch, and the beige will give off a wonderful sense of comfort and peacefulness. This was very common in the mid-20th century.
  • The chaise longue can be an absolutely definitive decorative resource in the living room. If it’s beige, it’ll bring a bit of neutrality to the area. 
  • If you want to use dark beige, it may not be as easy to combine it with the rest of your decoration. This is why we say it’s best to use a lighter shade of beige. It doesn’t create so much tension in the room. The ideal shade of beige should actually look almost like gray.
  • Leather sofas in this color have a sense of personality and a classic look. In other words, they take you back to the past, with a suave, elegant feel. Again, though, this goes only for lighter beige. A darker shade would have a more transgressive feel to it.

When beige is more like off-white

It’s also important to keep in mind that colors similar to white can be extremely useful when it comes to matching. When you think of it in those terms, another point in favor of light beige is that it looks a lot like off-white.

What’s happening here is that the sense of light that these shades give off conveys a sense of purity and simplicity. Those feelings make it much easier to create a good relationship between the shapes and overall color scheme in the room.

This makes choosing a shade of beige similar to off-white a great option. It will make the couch take on a certain sense of delicacy and will fit perfectly into the living room. It will even give off a sense of warmth and comfort.

What colors go best with a beige couch?

There’s no question that beige is a warm color. It can go well with most other earth tones, and, of course, the color green. Using green can help you create a sense of naturalness.

So, don’t hesitate to get a beige couch for your living room. It’s a great option if you want a feeling of warmth in this important part of the home. Just be careful not to use this color if you have a living room with a lot of dark furniture. You ultimately want a decorative balance, so make sure to follow these tips and you can’t go wrong!

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