Give Your House a Plus of Color with Sectorized Painting

We'll you how to decorate your walls with sectorized paint, the best way to divide environments and give a more personal air to your spaces.
Give Your House a Plus of Color with Sectorized Painting

Last update: 31 October, 2023

There are many different ways to give your home a boost of design and color, and one of them is sectorized painting. It’s an option that fills your walls with personality and goes beyond the established conventions.

If you want to know the keys to success, keep reading this article. We’re sure you’ll love the result, and you’ll get a very original effect. Are you ready?

How to use sectorized painting

A living room with light gray, dark gray, and red walls.

This is a trend in decoration that’s gaining more and more strength. The walls take center stage by playing with color. It’s a wonderful way to visually rearrange spaces without the need for furniture or other decorative objects.

In general, the geometric shapes and the different colors give the areas a sense of separation and allow different areas of the house or office to be delimited in a fun, different, and light way.

You can also take the ceiling into account by including it in that division, as this will give a very different feeling. The key is knowing how to use the different colors. You can choose to use contrasting tones or continue with the same color line. In this way, you get it to become the focus of attention.

To separate environments

This is a perfect technique to mark the limit between the different rooms or environments. The walls become less rigid but manage to clearly mark where one begins and another ends. In these cases, it’s very attractive when you use several colors with the same intensities.

Sectorize any space

Despite the fact that sectorized paint is usually attributed to the most modern and youthful environments, it’s a way of decorating walls that doesn’t discriminate styles or spaces. Depending on the colors and the pattern you choose, it’ll become a perfect way to enhance the personality you want to print.

At the same time, it’s not necessary to delimit an entire room either, as it’s a resource that you can use to sectorise a reading corner, a small greenhouse, or that meditation space you’re looking forward to having.

A gold newspaper rack next to gray couch in bright living room interior with a tri-colored colored wall.

Sectorized painting to enhance the charm of a piece of furniture

If you have a special or a designer piece of furniture you want to highlight or you want that simple and graceless sideboard to become the focus of your room, sectorized painting can do a lot for you.

If you paint a striking color, such as Classic Blue, around the furniture, the effect will be quite impressive. This visually fills the wall and makes a piece stand out, even more so if you choose to make a shape, such as an arch.

Try putting a sideboard below and a mirror or shelf above. Paint that wall with sectorized paint, and you’ll see how the two pieces are unified and create a more harmonious composition. Click here to see an example.

Sectorized painting for the most daring

Keep in mind that it’s not only used to divide rooms. Sectorized paint is so decorative that you can use it to create whatever decorative effect you wish. Play with shapes and colors to create striking and original decorative patterns.

You’ll give a radical change to your atmospheres without having to make a large investment. You can design your own patterns or use existing templates to achieve clean lines. If you choose to do it yourself, all you’ll need is painter’s tape to create straight lines.

A trick that’s very easy and that gives a lot of life to vaulted ceilings is to play with shapes and heights. The slope of the ceiling can be white, while the wall will be tinted in some other color, creating this special sectored effect without the need to create any pattern.

There are as many designs and ways to apply sectorized painting as your imagination allows. Use it in small doses through the baseboards, or take a risk with a full color design. Be that as it may, you’ll see that your walls and your environments, in general, take on a warmer and more modern air.

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