Vaulted Ceilings: Make Your Home Elegant

Vaulted ceilings are a kind of internal and external construction in homes. They also have historical importance in terms of architecture from certain eras.
Vaulted Ceilings: Make Your Home Elegant

Last update: 20 April, 2019

Vaulted ceilings portray elegance, originality, and design for interior areas. They have a unique shape and they’re different than flat or pitched ceilings.

Using a vaulted ceiling in your home means you will give it a feeling of more space.

In this article, we will show you some examples of vaulted ceilings.

The elegance of vaulted ceilings

You can choose from a wide range of vaulted ceiling styles. You can find distinct shapes and materials. Therefore, it’s important that you keep in mind the appearance that you want to create in your home if you’re about to build it from scratch. But, generally, this kind of ceiling is found in old homes.

You can find designs with specific details, mixed materials, and extravagant shapes. Find out more about the main styles of vaulted ceilings. Bring elegance and space to your home.

Barrel vault

vaulted ceilings


One of the most common vaulted ceilings in design is the barrel vault. It’s called this because of its odd shape. It’s built in a way that looks like half of a barrel.

The brick construction and natural color stand out. It would give your home a rustic and old look.

If you’re thinking about using this style of vaulted ceiling, pay attention to these tips.

Also, you can put in a brick vaulted ceiling and use white concrete walls. Pick the option that you like the most and make your home beautiful.

Ceilings with star vaults

vaulted ceilings

On the other hand, there is another kind of vaulted ceiling called the star vault. These are made with convex structures using beams or structures that make a star shape on the surface.

Make the beams out of materials that you like or that go the best with your home’s style. One of the most used materials is wood or iron. Also, this contrast between materials and shapes will give the areas in your home elegance and originality.

Star vaulted ceilings are perfect for putting in a corner of your living room or bedroom, for instance. They create a more intimate feel with a lot of style. You can mix the colors and materials of your decorations and furniture to fit with your roof style.

Worked stone vaults

There are also vaulted ceilings made out of stone. This kind of ceiling will give your home a rustic and old style. If you combine stone vaulted ceilings with white concrete walls, you will create a visual balance. This will be both pretty and interesting. Also, this kind of stone roof can accentuate the rustic style in your home.

If you have stone, wood, and concrete in your house’s construction, think about using this kind of ceiling. It will create interesting, cavernous spaces in your home.

Wood vaulted ceilings

Finally, wood vaulted ceilings are common in homes that are a little more modern. They follow the structure of a barrel vault with small wooden slats covering the surface. This kind of wooden roof is perfect for bringing a little warmth to spaces with high ceilings.

You can put these ceilings in a hallway or entryway in your home. This way, you will welcome people into a home with style and originality. On the other hand, you can mix several different colors and materials to give your ceiling a bit of a contrast.

For instance, you can put white colored wood slats on your walls. Putting two colors of wood on your walls and ceiling allows the natural color of the wood to stand out.

Choose the style of vaulted ceilings you like the most and that goes with the style you’re trying to create in your home. You can mix old and modern elements in a single space. This will give the different areas of your home design and originality.

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