Ceiling Painting and Decoration

Your ceilings are as important as the walls. Here you can discover ceiling painting and decoration!
Ceiling Painting and Decoration

Last update: 08 August, 2020

When it comes to home aesthetics, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to shapes, furniture, and textures. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to ceiling painting and decoration! This is a very interesting way to complete the decor.

Any room only makes sense if all the resources are in harmony with each other. We’re referring to the feeling of harmony and well-being that all the elements in your home transmit to you. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to create a sense of comfort if you work on each component of the decoration.

Ceilings play very important roles, not only on a structural level but also on an aesthetically. In turn, paint also makes a statement on this surface by complementing the walls and properly relating to the furniture.

Ceiling painting and decoration – chromatic application

A decorated ceiling.
Image: pinterest.es

The main goal that you must achieve with your ceilings is a chromatic contrast with the walls. A room has three levels – the floor, walls, and ceiling. There must be a relationship, and also a distinction, between them. This is the best way to energize interiors.

The first thing you need to avoid is darkening the entire room. Using colors such as black or dark blue on the walls and ceiling can sadden the space and eliminate the feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, it’s inspiring to use other lighter colors, such as white or sky blue.

If you have light colors on the walls, you can apply a dark color to the ceiling. This way, you add seriousness and forcefulness to the room. For this reason, paint plays a very important role in any home.

Study the type of contrast that exists between your walls and ceiling well

5 ways to decorate your ceilings

A vinyl ceiling.
Image: pinterest.es

You may not know there are specific ceiling painting and decoration formulas. Although ceilings are generally areas people don’t pay much attention to, they play an important role in any home. You must know how to harmonize them as a whole.

Below, you’ll discover five ways to decorate your ceilings:

  1. If your ceiling has beams, they can be visible. Whether made of wood or metal, they have something to say and contribute aesthetically to any space. You can paint them and produce a striking contrast with the paint on the ceiling itself.
  2. Smooth surfaces can also be decorative. A certain color can dominate the ceiling and give it prominence.
  3. You can also hang wallpaper on the ceiling. If you opt for this option, you don’t need to put it on the walls as well, since you could overload the space with the theme or the colors themselves.
  4. Another option is vinyls. It seems that people only consider putting them on the walls. But you can also put them on your ceilings! Although there are many types, the most striking are those that produce an illusion.
  5. Finally, there are textured ceilings. There’s a wide range of paints, some of them very thick, that create a more natural finish, such as stucco, cement, or popcorn.

3D ceilings, a new way to decorate

3D ceiling.

An interior design trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is 3D ceilings. This breaks from traditional and classic decorative systems, giving a new meaning to the field of textures and aesthetics.

There are two ways to decorate in 3D. Firstly, you could install an image on the surface, similar to a vinyl, that projects a real image onto the ceiling itself. This makes a great impression and plays with the optics.

However, the second typology is even more popular than the first – relief. The protruding shapes of the ceiling can be shapes, specific items, or simply plasterwork, therefore producing an elegant, attractive, dynamic, and completely innovative decorative effect.

Any of these decorations can make you see your ceilings in a whole new light! Nevertheless, remember that the designs must go well with the colors in ceiling painting and decoration.

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