Tips for Maximizing A Room with a High Ceiling

A room with a high ceiling is great as long as you make the most of the space. So, today we'd like to give you some original ideas for rooms with high ceilings.
Tips for Maximizing A Room with a High Ceiling

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Even though it may not seem like it at first glance, there are many advantages to having a room with a high ceiling, especially when you know how to maximize the space.

High ceilings are usually in smaller houses so they’re great for creating an upper story.

How to make the most of a room with a high ceiling

1. A loft bedroom

A small apartment with a high ceiling and a loft bedroom.

As we said above, lofts are often two stories in a large room with a high ceiling. By creating this division you maximize the use of your space and it results in a very special look.

The small inconvenience of a room with a high ceiling is that you’ll need a staircase to be able to access the upper part. For this reason, our advice is that you use the top floor as a bedroom. This is because this is the space of the house most people use the least during the day.

You can use the ground floor for the living room and the kitchen, which will probably be an open one due to the reduced space. You can also install a bathroom on the first floor. Also, if you need office space then we advise that you use the space under the staircase for this purpose.

2. A living room in a space with a high ceiling

An open house.

Even in a small house, you can put the bedrooms in the lower part. That way you can use the upper floor for the living room.

Also, you could install shelves for a personal library. Also, you could decorate the entire library area with armchairs or puffs where you can sit and read or just rest and disconnect from the world.

Carpets are an ideal decorative element for this space and will allow you to sit on the floor, even during the coldest times of the year.

3. A playground for children

A loft for children.

The upper level of a room with a high ceiling can serve as a playground for families with children who love heights. You can create a multilevel area so they can enjoy different things as they go up the staircase. You could even have a slide!

The most important thing here is safety. So, plan the space in a way in which you’ll minimize falls as much as you can. We advise that you place cushions everywhere to avoid accidents.

You must consult a specialist to advise you about the best materials for the structures that you wish to make.

4. Lighting is important in a room with a high ceiling

An open house with a high ceiling.

Lighting is essential in rooms with high ceilings. On the one hand, high ceilings are great for large lamps with funky shapes on the ground floor. Make sure your lamps aren’t an obstacle in your access to the loft.

Also, you could fit large windows that’ll fill the area from the floor to the ceiling. This way the second story will have a lot of natural light thanks to the dimensions of the windows. As you can see, your need for artificial light will be minimal.

5. Staircases in rooms with a high ceiling

A working room with a staircase.

The staircase is a very important element in a room with a high ceiling. This is because it’ll give you access to the upper story.

On a final note, there are endless possibilities to select from – glass, wood, etc. Take into account the style of your overall decor before you choose one or the other.