5 Decor Styles That are in Trend

Industrial, classic, minimalist, Nordic...there are countless decorative styles for your home. Only a few are currently on trend, which one will you choose?
5 Decor Styles That are in Trend

Last update: 08 March, 2022

Choosing the decor style for your home is a very difficult task and it’s one of the main priorities before you can start to do anything else. If you’re going to start decorating and you don’t know where to start, these tips surrounding decor styles will come in handy.

This article will explain five decor styles that are trending today. This doesn’t mean that they’re the only styles, there are many more but these are the most current.

1. Nordic style

Many influencers have joined in and started following the Nordic style. This style is characterized by transmitting peace and tranquility through comfortable and simple environments. The colors that predominate in this style are completely neutral, with white or off-white being the main color.

The Nordic style uses furniture and objects with simple and contemporary shapes and, that is above all, very functional. Equally, the most used materials in this style are organic and are mixed with some industrial ones.

In this style, wood can be found in ceilings, floors, and furniture–either natural or painted white. Industrial materials (such as wrought iron) are found in the legs of chairs or tables and geometric lamps.

Nature is also present in the Nordic style through paintings, pictures, and prints of plants, such as succulents or cacti.

Nordic-style houses seek light through light colors. Dark tones are ruled out unless you use them to contrast with and highlight certain elements.

Nordic style living room with wooden floor combined with light colors.

2. Rustic decor styles

Another decor style that’s triumphing is rustic and, within this style, the farmhouse or country house. This style is the one that we see in many movies and it reminds us of country houses in France and England.

It’s characterized by using natural elements such as worn wood and plants with a wild aesthetic. Incorporating elements of nature in decor brings nature closer. In big cities, it’s an oasis in the middle of so much concrete.

The objective of this decor style is to create a warm and homely environment through patterns, bright colors (mainly yellow, blue, and lilac), and lots of natural light.

Within this style, you’ll also see other elements that make it even more characteristic. For example, chicken coop meshes on the kitchen and pantry doors and also vintage objects. Worn paint on the furniture and chalk paint is key to achieving this decor style.

Furniture of a rustic house.

3. The purest industrial style

Another trend in decor is the industrial style. This style is also known as the loft-style referring to its origins. This decor style is reminiscent of the apartments or studios where immigrant workers lived in the 50s in New York.

This style is ideal for apartments or lofts and is characterized by the use of dark colors, mainly black, and the unlimited use of steel. One of the latest trends is to incorporate the color copper.

Another hallmark of industrial decor is to expose brick walls, pipes, and concrete. The furniture used in this style borders on minimalism, with straight lines and geometric shapes predominating.

Industrial style decoration.
Industrial style decor/ideas-para.com

4. Bohemian decor styles

The bohemian style is becoming more and more common in homes. It’s a fairly relaxed and casual style and it’s very easy to achieve. It can also be combined with other styles without any inconvenience.

The most used colors are vibrant and wood stands out as the main material. However, it also includes other natural materials such as animal skin (preferably synthetic), wicker, or jute in contrast to metallic elements.

Tribal, ethnic and nomadic prints are the key elements of this style. They perfectly reflect the adventurous and hippie style that it intends to convey. The bohemian style represents trips to other countries and an opportunity to find unique and decorative treasures.

Bohemian styles offer naturalness and plurality in the spaces of the house.

5. Back to the past with retro decor styles

Another style that’s currently in fashion is retro or pop. This style shouldn’t be confused with the vintage style. The retro style is very daring and is inspired by the decor of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. The key is in the mix of colors as well as patterns and textures.

One of the characteristic elements is using flooring with black and white tiles, similar to a chessboard. Also, velvet furniture, chairs with round and futuristic finishes as well as vinyl or leather puffs.

The colors that predominate here are bright colors such as red and yellow in combination with pastel colors.

Appliances inspired by the 50s-80s are the stars of this style.

retro style refrigerator
Retro Style Refrigerator Livestrong.com


These are the five decor styles that are in fashion today. However, there are other styles such as vintage, navy or sailor, minimalist, Asian or classic style.

Choosing a single style isn’t easy, so if the style you want isn’t very clear, it’s advisable to choose one that allows you to combine different elements of other styles without losing your essence.

If you want a home that transmits tranquility and comfort, the Nordic style is yours. To convey strength and risk, expose pipes or brick walls and opt for the industrial style. If you’re often welcoming visitors, a style that would fit the bill would be the farmhouse style.

If you have an adventurous and free spirit, the boho-chic style is yours because it’s so relaxed. Whichever style you choose, it should meet your needs and provide comfort and convenience.