Festive Tablecloths for Summer Evenings

Use your imagination for a colorful summer evening.
Festive Tablecloths for Summer Evenings

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Be a perfect host with these festive tablecloths so you’ll end up making unforgettable memories.

The summer is a time of leisure and fun with family and friends. And you can make these get-togethers something to remember.

During festive times, we feel like using more colorful and decorative items. What’s more, conveying zest and passion is something intrinsic in the environment during this season of the year. It creates a feeling of happiness.

A great way to do this is to decorate with something out of the ordinary, so pay attention to the details of the table. That’s why the tablecloth is a basic component to create a positive atmosphere. 

Festive tablecloths in a psychedelic print

Pink and red tie-dyed table cloth
                                     Image: pinterest.es

Suppose you’re looking for a very unique idea for a table decor that’s out of the ordinary. A good option is a printed tie-dyed pattern. In fact, this term refers to a technique that consists of tying and then dying the garment to create different shapes and designs.

Today, this type of design is here to stay. Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve seen tie-dyed fabrics taking over the most prestigious catwalks of the world. Without a doubt the origin of the tie-dye style is rebellion.

We not only see tie-dyed designs in clothing but also in many accessories in the home. You’ll find them making a statement on tablecloths. You can make your own with a white tablecloth that you tie-dye. The result will be a spontaneous and surfer-style design. 

                             This technique became popular in the 1960s as a symbol of freedom

Two types of tablecloths with fruit designs

Table set with a festive tablecloth with a fruit design
                                     Image: pinterest.es

Tablecloths with food motifs are classic in the decor world.  Furthermore, these images bring a touch of freshness. And there is a great variety of foods that can decorate our tablecloths. However, fruit is the brightest element to give a touch of color to summer evenings.

  • Citrus fruit has intense colors. This kind of fruit gives freshness and is full of personality. For that reason, tablecloths with pictures of lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are excellent. This is because they bring brightness and a festive spirit to any table.
  • Tropical fruit is the other fruit group that you’ll need on summer evenings. Above all, these decorative motifs, based on pineapples, bananas, or watermelons contribute a feeling of the exotic.

                                Fruit-colored prints make us feel refreshed and give vitality. 

Festive tablecloths with tropical prints

A festive tablecloth with larage green ferns
                                      Image: pinterest.es

The use of tropical prints has conquered the world of interior design. Using this type of decoration helps to create a warm island paradise environment , Caribbean style.

The pallet of colors that you can find in a tropical design originates from natural elements. These include the ocean, the sky, and vegetation.

The colors can be deep and rich which offers a clear and cheerful aspect. Additionally, the ocean and the sky offer an entire range of blue tones. On the other hand, the sand, bathed in the sun, gives golden tones. 

Other prints of tropical themes that we can use on the table have a base of tropical foliage. The exuberant green stands out. Also, these designs can combine with different vegetable motifs or mix with flowers, to add a multicolor pallet.

Pink flamingo, the ultimate in design

A festive tablecloth with flamingo motifs
                                      Image: pinterest.es

Flamingos have turned into an interesting resource. This trend began in 2017. After that, they turned into an essential decorative motif for any summer party. 

There are many ways to use flamingos in home decorating, including tablecloths.

In conclusion, this type of print is perfect to generate a  fun atmosphere. It suits any type of environment – elegant, fun, or youthful.


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