The Peaceful Sensations of Sky Blue

If you're looking to give your home an aesthetic twist, sky blue can create some truly surprising sensations in a room.
The Peaceful Sensations of Sky Blue

Last update: 16 July, 2019

Out of all the infinite tones you can find on the color palette, the peaceful sensation of sky blue really deserves special recognition. That’s true just as much for its appearance as it is for what it conveys. What we’re trying to say is: sky blue is an amazing color for home decoration. 

We often use mostly neutral colors because they’re easier to match with your other decorations. But now is the time to start innovating and adding some touches of originality to your home. Having sky blue in yours will bring a spark into your eyes every day.

This color is actually really popular right now. It gives off a sense of optimism, and it also adds light and conveys positive feelings in a room. This makes it very useful, whether as a wall color or on furniture. Keep reading to learn more about what this color has to offer.

The aesthetics and sensations of sky blue

Sky blue wall.

One of the more obvious things that’s nice about this color is how unusual it is to see it in home decor. We aren’t used to seeing it all over the house. That being said, wherever you put it, it will look a bit surprising, but very pleasing to the eye. 

This tone of blue conveys hope, peace, calm, and can generate pleasant feelings. The softness and serenity it creates in a room are something most other colors can’t give. Plus, using it in your furniture or on your walls makes for a simple, original touch.

As the name says, it will remind you of the sky, of the feeling of being out in the world, in nature. In other words, the sensations it creates within you are a great way to bring yourself to a calm, hopeful place.

Sky blue opens your mind and makes you feel enthusiastic and happy.

Sky blue in the kitchen: since when?

Sky blue kitchen.

You might not like the idea of having a blue kitchen. The trend has always been to use neutral colors, and if not that, then at least warm colors. But there’s something about this version of blue that goes perfectly in this space and brings very interesting sensations with it.

  • You’ll basically just want to use it in the furniture. The cupboards and drawers are where you can use it most. It can be hard to find home stores with furniture in this color, but that’s starting to change.
  • If you really want to break away from tradition and catch people’s eyes, you can even use this color for your fridge. The idea is that it will create a contrast with the rest of the furniture. That will make your refrigerator stand out, and look completely original.
  • Another option is to use this color on the walls, and on stools if you have them. The goal is to envelop the space in a blue atmosphere that gives off feelings of hygiene and freshness.

It looks great in the bathroom too!

It also looks great in bathrooms.

Naturally, bathrooms are a perfect place for sky blue. It’s the absolute best color for this room in the house because we associate it with freshness and cleansing powers of water.

  • You can use it on either the tile floor or on the walls. That way, the feeling of cleanliness will hit you right from the start and will be the first thing people feel when they walk into the bathroom.
  • If you do decide to paint the walls sky blue, you should remember how well it goes with the white of the tub and toilet. They’re colors that go together perfectly and make a great team. 
  • Think about it: pools use this color all the time. So why shouldn’t you try it out in your bathroom space?

Sky blue for your bedroom

Lastly, it's great for the bedroom too.

You might not feel like this is the right color for your bedroom. We generally use colors that are more serious, warm, and dark. But blue is finding its way into more and more houses. 

Anyway, you should also keep in mind that this color goes great in kids’ bedrooms. The sense of peace it gives off is perfect for a small child.

Wrapping up, sky blue is the color for you if you want to change your house’s look and your entire decor concept. If you want a feeling of freshness and nature, don’t hesitate to add splashes of it in any room you want!

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