The Best Refrigerators on the Market

You should never pick out a refrigerator before you get all the information you can. Learning as much as you can about the market.
The Best Refrigerators on the Market

Last update: 07 June, 2019

What could be better than having a big, powerful fridge with quality guaranteed? With that in mind, we’re going to tell you about  the best refrigerators on the market. Keep reading to learn what they are and get all the information you need to make a smart purchase.

How many times have you put food in the fridge only for it to spoil because it’s not sealed well? Making a bad choice of home appliance can really take a toll. There are some times when it’s better to spend more on a high-quality product than a cheaper one that’s likely to lead to trouble down the line.

Before you buy anything, you should do some digging and find as much information as you can about the best refrigerators and brands so that you can make the right choice. If you want some help with that, we’re going to list a few of our favorites and talk about their main technical and aesthetic features.

The best refrigerators (and brands)

Smeg FQ60XPE

Smeg refrigerator.

To start off our list, we’re going to talk about one of the best refrigerators on the market. This American-style refrigerator from Smeg has all the best technology and resources that make a truly good fridge.

  • It has a capacity of up to 610 liters. You’ll love having all this space, and will be able to store all the food you want and keep it fresh for much longer.
  • Even just from looking at it you can tell it’s big. Specifically, it’s just under 6 feet tall and just over 3 feet wide.
  • It keeps its temperature extremely well, which is good for food storage. It also has an automatic defrosting system.
  • It’s grey, and of fingerprint-proof stainless steel, which means it can go nicely with just about any decor scheme due to its neutral aesthetic.
  • It has two doors, LED lights inside, and only uses about 455KWh/year.
  • It usually costs somewhere around 1,500 euros (about $1,700).

Prioritize quality above all else. Having the best truly makes a difference.

LAGAN: IKEA’s refrigerator

IKEA Lagan fridge

The second on our list of best refrigerators is kind of a polar opposite to the last one. IKEA’s LAGAN refrigerator has a simple format with basic functions and a minimalist aesthetic.

  • Unlike the last fridge, this one has very small dimensions. It takes up half the space, which means you can fit it just about anywhere.
  • Decoration-wise, it’s white, which is one of the easier colors to blend in with any decor scheme. It’s also common for home appliances to be white, so it certainly won’t seem out of place in your kitchen.
  • It’s 5.7 feet tall and 1.9 feet wide. It still has lots of space inside, though. Plus, it has LED lights inside.
  • Let’s be honest: most of us dread cleaning the fridge. Luckily for you, the LAGAN is extremely easy to clean, with shelves that are easy to take out and put back in.
  • The price is usually around $340, which makes it very affordable for its good quality.

Klarstein: a revolutionary brand

Klarstein best refrigerators.

You’ve probably never heard of this brand before. They have a new, completely innovative design concept different from anything you’ve seen before. The best part: you can buy these fridges online and have them delivered.

  • They have a modern look, instead of the traditional design for a fridge. They give off a high-tech, avant-garde feeling, with straight lines.
  • The fridge above has a capacity of 98 liters, which means plenty of space for your food. It’s 4.8 feet tall and 1.7 feet wide.
  • There’s a very organized separation of compartments on the inside. It also allows you to regulate the temperature in multiple ways.
  • It has an internal LED light to make sure you can see everything.
  • The price is around 500 euros ($560). It’s an absolutely wonderful choice, especially in terms of its price-quality ratio.

Teka 40672051

Teka best refrigerators.

We couldn’t leave out one of the most popular refrigerator brands over the last few years. Teka has a refrigerator with all the resources you need to keep your food fresh as long as possible. 

  • It’s grey stainless steel with a natural aesthetic that will go well in any kitchen decor scheme. It’s also fingerprint-proof, so you won’t have to wipe it down constantly to keep it looking good.
  • It has LED lighting, an auto-defrosting system, and rapid cooling. That means it can regulate the temperature really well.
  • It has a 219-liter capacity, with a nice division of space that makes it easier to organize your food.
  • It usually costs around 400 euros ($450), which makes it a very affordable option.