Low-Cost Kitchen Decor

Try our simple ideas to change your kitchen decor without breaking the bank
Low-Cost Kitchen Decor

Last update: 06 June, 2019

One of the places we spent the most time is the kitchen because we prepare our meals there. That means getting tired of the decor and feeling tempted to change it is all too easy. So, we have some low-cost kitchen decor ideas for you today!

If you’re in need of a change you’re in luck! Check out our ideas for switching your kitchen up with low-cost decor.

1. Paint: your best bet for low-cost decor

low cost kitchen decor paint

If you want to give your kitchen a face-lift, you don’t have to buy new counters— that means big savings. Instead, we suggest changing what you already have to create something that looks completely different.

You can do it with paint, which is a low-cost resource that’ll allow you to change the colors and finishes of your cabinet doors.

On the same note, you can also paint your kitchen door or walls to match your cabinets.

But you’ll need much more paint to cover your walls and you’ll have to keep your kitchen off-limits for a few days to paint it. So, make sure that painting your walls is really worth it.

2. Alternative to paint: wall vinyl decals

low cost kitchen decor vinyl decal

If you’re not good with paint and aren’t looking to hire someone for the job, or if you only want to paint your cabinets, here’s an alternative for your kitchen walls.

Vinyl decals are a low-cost decor option that goes beyond decor for children’s rooms. You’ll love them for their affordable price and the options for personalizing your kitchen. Choose the one that best suits the room and your preferences.

3. Reuse your jars and save

low cost kitchen decor jars

If you have a lot of jars in your kitchen, you can use them to create low-cost decor. And if you have children, you can make it into a fun family project.

Transform jars by painting them, or lining them with paper or other materials like lace or foam sheets.

You could even use nice paper to make content labels. This means you won’t have to search through your jars looking for what you need.

4. Wicker baskets as decorative storage accessories

low cost kitchen wicker baskets

If you need more space in your kitchen wicker baskets are another low-cost decor resource that can help store small objects.

If you don’t store heavy items in them, you can hang them from hooks on a wall. Or, set them on top of a counter instead.

You can decorate them by tying little bows on their handles. Or, add more color to the baskets with a label that identifies their contents.

Use them to hold napkins, kitchen towels or even silverware and keep everything at an arm’s reach.

5. Change the lighting

low cost kitchen decor lighting

Lighting also plays an important role in the kitchen and consequently, is something you should think about for kitchen decor.

Change up your kitchen by adding more light sources and create a lighter, more harmonious space. Or, simply change the type of lighting and generate a different ambiance.

6. Low-cost plant decor

low cost kitchen decor plants

Apart from creating a new and upbeat ambiance, plants are one of the most economical ways to change your kitchen decor.

Try one or two in any size you like but make sure to consider the size of your kitchen. Choosing the plants that are too large can be overwhelming if you have a smaller kitchen.

You can also change them as the seasons come and go, keeping your kitchen decor nice and fresh.

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