Learn How to Decorate Your Summer House

Summer houses are a place where we can escape from our daily routines and that we don’t often visit, so it’s important to give them a special decorative touch to make the most of the space.
Learn How to Decorate Your Summer House

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Spending time in your summer house is the perfect way to leave the cold of winter behind you. Perhaps you are one of the few people who own a home on the outskirts of a city or in the countryside where you can spend the summer. Or perhaps you don’t feel you can justify purchasing a summer house, even when summer does arrive. In either case, here’s how you can decorate your summer house.

How to decorate your summer house

Summer is one of the seasons that we most look forward to. It puts us in a good mood. It’s a time for freshness, taking time out and enjoying ourselves.

Summer clothing is a perfect symbol for the season. As the fabrics and patterns change, we can’t wait to pack away our coats and long trousers.

As well as our clothing, our home decor also reflects the change in seasons. It doesn’t matter if you live in a colder city – summer will always arrive, even in the north, no matter the temperature.

When summer does arrive, our mindsets change and we feel the need to revitalize our homes. To breathe new life into our houses and give them a summer touch, it’s important to consider the following points.

1. Different season, different look

In the warmer summer months, forget about pile carpets and duvets. Cooler sheets are a better option.

If you usually lay blankets over your couch, it’s time to take them off, or at least store them away somewhere in your living room, such as in a basket.

Summer fabrics are lighter, as we no longer need to worry about keeping out the cold.

We’ll touch on the materials that are best to use in the summer, both in furniture and in other fabrics, later in this post.

bed in a summer house


As we know, summer is the season when we enjoy the most daylight. But how can you make the most of these extra daylight hours? Open your curtains and let the morning sunlight into your home. Let it breathe life into the first hours of the day.

The evening light is also precious, so make sure to let it into your home.

You will still need curtains to give you privacy, but it’s best to opt for thinner curtains in a lighter fabric. Avoid velvet curtains and opt for semi-transparent fabrics.


Summer has a characteristic smell. It can give the scent of a sea breeze, of freshness or mountain air.

You can use air fresheners or candles to refresh your home and give it a sense of cleanliness and freshness. 

With these few changes, you will see how you can transform your home into an authentic summer house.

2. Changing colors

Winter undoubtedly brings to mind darker and warmer colors, whereas summer is associated with cooler, brighter, and clearer colors that reflect the light. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that every summer you need to paint your home a different color. You can make it feel like a true summer house by simply changing the colors of a couple of accessories.

Shades of blue are some of the most used summer colors, ranging from marine blue to turquoise blue.

In recent years, other colors, such as purple, have also become popular. You also can’t go wrong using light colors, white, or beige in summer.

3. Summery materials

While winter makes us think of thick materials or fabrics to protect us against the cold, summer materials are the exact opposite.

The materials that are most used in summer, both on furniture and in textiles, are:

  • Wicker
  • Jute
  • Wood
  • Cotton
  • Linen

As you can see, all of these are light and natural fabrics. Fabrics such as wool and velvet should be avoided when decorating your summer house.

furniture to decorate a summer house

4. Decorate your summer house with a touch of green

Greenery always gives a sense of freshness, so it’s important to decorate your summer house with plants to give it the ultimate green touch. 

Your plants can be real or artificial; either type will give life to your summer house.

The most striking plants are those without flowers or those that have bushy leaves. However, you could also opt for plants with brilliantly colored flowers, such as orchids.

Don’t forget about cacti either, which are very long-lasting and perfect for the summer. However, they can also withstand low winter temperatures.

5. Styles to decorate your summer house

Styles that go perfectly in summer houses always emerge over the summer period.

We agree that some styles aren’t suitable for every room, but some could look great in the nooks and crannies of your summer house.

There are three main recurring summer trends:

  • Nautical – Also know as the navy” style, this trend decorates with horizontal white and marine blue lines. The colors used in nautical styles are white, marine blue, grey, and solid colors, such as red or yellow.
nautical theme for a summer house
  • Tropical – This trend has been growing in popularity over recent summers and it is also reflected in the clothes we wear. The style involves using colors that evoke the jungle, including yellow, green (of course), and pink. 

Prints, of parrots or pineapples, for example, are also very characteristic of this style

  • Nordic – This style is also very popular during the summer and is very versatile. By changing just a few things, a Nordic style can also be quite traditional. For example, you could remove your rugs and put wicker hats on your walls. 


With the arrival of summer comes the opportunity to give our homes a make-over, transforming them into true summer houses.

You don’t necessarily need to change your entire style or decor; you can simply swap the aspects of your home that remind you of cold winter evenings for those that transport you to a late evening on the beach or a sunny morning in the mountains.

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