Nautical Decor Ideas to Get Your House Ready for the Summer

Summer is right around the corner and we’re looking forward to the sea and vacations. Today, we share some nautical decor ideas to get your house ready for the summer.
Nautical Decor Ideas to Get Your House Ready for the Summer

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Summer is coming… along with the nostalgia for the sun, sea, and sand we love to represent in our homes. In this article, we share the best nautical decor ideas so that your home has that luxurious feel of the sea this summer.

The fact that happiness lies in small details is something we apply to interior design. And we decided to focus on these details today – the things people use or see daily. They’re little touches here and there that brighten your day with their mere presence.

Nautical decor is one of the most radical, and that’s why many people don’t like it. But what captures everyone’s attention is its decorative accessories. Dare to try it out this summer! You’ll see that you’ll make big changes with very little effort.

A very seaworthy color palette

Marine color palette.

Nautical decor ideas are based on the colors of the ocean, vacations, and luxury yachts. Blues, especially navy blue, whites, and hints of red, coral, and wood tones, and gold. This color combination works well, with prevailing smooth surfaces and Breton stripes.

The key to not saturating rooms is to combine these colors subtly and harmoniously. Our advice is to focus more on decorative elements than on walls or furniture. This is a style that looks very sophisticated in rooms decorated in white or neutral tones.

However, you can always paint a single wall navy blue to achieve a more noticeable effect. Another color that helps soften the nautical style a little is gray.

Nautical decor ideas with wood

Nautical decor.

To get a nautical look at home, use a lot of wood. For this decorative style, dark and shiny wood that reminds you of the interiors of luxury boats works perfectly.

Also, wood painted in bright and fresh whites is a great fit. Perhaps you can make one of your pieces of furniture the center stage and varnish it in dark tones or repaint it white. Renewing on the outside is also renewing your inner self. These small detail changes are spectacular.

Remember that paint makes everything look new and clean. Also, either of these two finishes achieves surprising results. If you add some gold inlays or change the handles for ones with nautical motifs, the change will be radical. Give one of your outdated or boring pieces of furniture new life! We’re sure it’ll become your favorite!

Marine decorative elements everywhere

Nautical decorative elements.
Decorative elements /

Now, we’re going to explain the best part – decorative elements. This is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Be inspired by the sea and incorporate it into your home. Use fish and seahorses on dishes, lamps, towels, or cushions.

Buy some nice cushions with Breton stripes of different thicknesses and strategically place them so that they bring the entire marine theme together. We like the idea of artistically displaying collections of seashells on the walls or perhaps one or two on your coffee table.

Shells are also a beautiful decorative element you can use to replace a small plant on a table or dresser. If you can’t find any, you can always buy them in the form of paintings or pictures that will bring the sea to your walls.

After adding marine touches, go directly to nautical ones: anchors, rope knots, lighthouses, and oars. Any size is acceptable.

You can hang a nice wooden nautical anchor on the wall. Another idea is to incorporate them as small details. From coasters to upholstery trimmings.

Nautical decor ideas – sea breeze

Sailor garden.
Garden /

We’re sure that, when you finish giving these touches to the room you’ve chosen, you’ll want to continue. This decorative style is perfect for living rooms but also children’s rooms and gardens or terraces.

This aesthetic is a classic that provides homes with a lot of character and good taste. It’s the most-used decorative style in summer houses on the coast but nothing prevents you from bringing the sea and the luxurious feeling of large yachts to your home. You can achieve a real Hamptons look in your own home.

You can either carry out a complete renovation or just add a few elements and touches of paint here and there.

Let the light flood your home by swapping heavy curtains for lighter fabrics. Remember that the light and the sea always go hand in hand.

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