Decor Inspiration From the Hamptons

If you want to know everything there is about the Hampton decor style, don't miss our post. Convert your house into a white and blue beauty,
Decor Inspiration From the Hamptons

Last update: 19 December, 2019

If you enjoy movies or TV shows that are based in New York, you’ve probably heard of the Hamptons at one point or another. The Hamptons sits on the east end of Long Island, attracting the rich and famous in the summer.

Remember when the girls on Sex and the City spend the day at the club? Or Diane Keaton in that amazing mansion in Something’s Gotta Give (2003)? The Hamptons decor style will take your breath away.

The Hamptons decor keys

These homes may be luxury summer homes but at the end of the day, they’re beach homes. Thus, they have a traditional, conventional structure that uses quality materials. But they never forget the beauty of elegance and simplicity.

Plenty of light

the Hamptons light

To pull off a Hamptons decor style, big windows that let light flood in are basic elements. These windows tend to extend from ceiling to floor and have an impressive garden and beach views. No curtains are needed to make the most of the natural light.

Another Hamptons classic is white window frames. They’re very characteristic and elegant, together with the surrounding decor, they create a beautiful setting.

Passion for wood

the hamptons wood

Wood in any finish is the key decor element for Hampton-style homes. Driftwood is a favorite, its aged, natural look is perfect for covering floors and walls– especially with a coat of white paint.

Straight out of the sea

the hamptons sea

As we mentioned earlier in our post, these homes dot the seashore and are the preferred located for celebrities to disconnect. To create the perfect relaxing space, these homes have marine details.

You can use the seashells that you collect on your walks along the beach and word art that use ideas such as “beach”, “sun”, “pier” or “sand”. In addition, a picture featuring anchors, oars or lighthouses (Montuak lighthouse is the most representative of the area) will also work perfectly. Don’t forget blue and white stripes. Create a nautical decor to fill your home.

White everywhere

the hamptons white

White and neutral tones reign on Long Island. They create a gentle, relaxed atmosphere that is full of the peace we look for on a beach. Don’t you agree? Concentrate on that concept as you pull together your Hamptons decor.

But remember to uphold white without forgetting the aim to create cozy spaces that cherish home life.

And white isn’t synonymous with cold decor, in fact, it’s just the opposite! The Hamptons have a fresh decor style because that’s what the homes need. But they’re still comfortable and cozy at the same time.

Blue like the sea

the hamptons blue

If you’re on the beach, blue and white have to make an appearance. Splash your interior textiles with intense shades like ultramarine blue or indigo. If you’re thinking about painting your walls, try lighter shades like sky blue or Arctic blue instead.

Perfect yards

the hamptons yards

Immaculate yards are another decor key. Your lawn, shrubs, flowers all have to be trimmed to perfection in order to create a peaceful, harmonious ambiance. Hampton homes also usually have wooden and ratan porch furniture with beautiful details that let users enjoy evening talks and snacks.

Don’t worry, we know that not all homes have a porch or lawn. But we want to fill you in on every detail for this decor style. But how can you make it work in your tiny apartment? Use elegant plants and flowers– steer clear of exotic species.

The classic Hamptons chair

the hamptons chair

If there’s a decor element that’s 100% Hamptons, it’s the Adirondack chair. The name refers to the mountains that share the same name.

Designed by Thomas Lee in 1903, these chairs are made entirely out of wooden planks. They have a slight tilt and feature wide armrests. If you have an Adirondack chair, you have the Hamptons decor.

Now that you know the details, it’s time to fill your home with the Long Island breeze and sophisticated and warm decor details.