Nautical Decor for Your Living Room

Nautical decor is popular for many homes-- especially seaside ones. Learn about all the details you need to pull together a nautical decor for your home.
Nautical Decor for Your Living Room

Last update: 15 December, 2019

Today let’s follow the currents of a bold decor style. Choose it without a second doubt because it’s full of personality. Inspired by the coasts of New England, nautical decor style is here to stay, making stronger waves each season. Not many decor styles can claim to be so bold. But the good news is that it’s almost always a hit.

Nautical decor can work in any room but today, we want to focus on bringing it into the living room. The living room is where we use the most accessories and it’s also the room that gives us the most decor options.

With a sea-inspired decor, living rooms will feel fresh yet sophisticated and serene. Create tranquil spaces where you can really rest. They’re great for beach and urban homes alike. Let’s dive into the decor keys for converting your living room into the interiors of a luxury sailboat. Off we go!


nautical colors

The colors for this decor style are straightforward – white and marine blue. You can add other colors to these base colors: red, lighter shades of blue, yellow– which evokes the light of lighthouses on the coast– or even dark orange.

In classical nautical decor, white and marine blue stripes take over walls or textiles.

This decor style has plenty of personality so try not to go overboard. You can try a modern take on the decor that softens the strong, characteristic contrasts by using white and softer shades of blue instead.

nautical modern style

In addition to color, certain materials are very characteristic of nautical decor. Wood is the star material.

You can opt for dark, buffed woods of high-quality– just like you would find in the interior of a sailboat. You don’t have to limit yourself to wooden furniture; instead, consider walls and floors as well.

This decor style allows you to use wood for your entire floors and ceilings as long as you keep your walls nice and white. If your wooden furniture doesn’t quite match this decor style, or if it’s of lower-quality, try painting your pieces white or blue. Or, use both colors on the same piece.

You can use all kinds of wooden decor accessories. However, you should also consider using touches of golden, shiny metals as well.


nautical textiles

Cotton sailcloth is the star fabric in this decor style. It’s resilient, easy-to-wash and fresh. You can use them to upholster couches and chairs or for your curtains and pillows. Mix and match colors to pull together a nautical decor.

You can also find plenty of patterns, classic stripes or even marine plaid, which uses white, blue and red to create the perfect upholstery for furniture and unique pieces.

For your windows, use soft, transparent fabrics that move along with the wind. If your decor seems too heavy or overwhelming, try sand- or terracotta-colored curtains instead.

These colors will soften the overall decor and match perfectly with your dark, buffed wood. You can even try marine-themed wallpaper for some of your walls.

Nautical decor accessories

nautical accessories

The accessories just might be the most important part of pulling off this decor style. All of them are inspired by the sea and the seaside lifestyle: brass light fixtures and mirrors, wicker baskets– try to aim for dark colors and varnished pieces if possible.

Rugs play an especially important role here. Natural fibers are the best option. You can also use almost any decor element that you would normally find aboard a boat.

They could range from life-saving rings to oars. Or, try designs with rope and sailor knots, little wooden sailboats, decorative lighthouses, starfish… You have so many options.

Nautical decor accessories are crucial regardless of if they’re for walls or tables. Don’t hesitate to distribute them around your living room.

Try anchors, rudders, ropes, nets and big boat lamps. Go ahead and take on this decor style– you’ll never want to leave your living room when you’re done.

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