Nautical Decor - Ideas for Your Child's Bedroom

Nautical decor is great for decorating your children's rooms. The whites and blues used in it are just lovely and will make the room feel fresh and peaceful.
Nautical Decor - Ideas for Your Child's Bedroom

Last update: 19 October, 2019

In today’s article, we’d like to give you some ideas on how to achieve a nautical decor in your home, particularly for your child’s bedroom.

This decor style will make your spaces very pleasing to the eye. This is because it reminds you of beach or summer houses, just as with Mediterranean style decor. This is no coincidence as they’re closely related. You must remember that your house says a lot about your personality, especially about what you like.

Even though you can use this style in any space of the house, this time we’d like to show you how to apply it in your children’s bedroom.

These are just some general ideas for prints, textures, colors, materials, accessories you can use to get inspired. As usual, play with the possibilities they offer when it comes to decoration, it’ll be perfect when you’re done.

A mix of whites and blues

A room decorated in a nautical style.

As with the Mediterranean style, blues and whites are fundamental here. There’s a small difference, though – navy blue is much more common in nautical decor.

Even so, you must add white to brighten up the bedroom and make your space seem larger than it really is. You can use it in the furniture, textiles, walls, ceilings, etc. Just keep in mind that it’s one of the most important elements in this style of decor.

As we said above, white will enhance the feeling of brightness. Do keep in mind that these kinds of spaces are very bright, with curtains that don’t allow exterior light to come in too much.

Next, you’ll have to add some touches of blue. Think of accessories here, you can have this color on the cushion covers or on the bedding. For example, if you place a blue sofa in the bedroom, then make sure there are a lot of white elements too.

It’s very important to maintain the ratio between blue and white. In addition, these are colors that are equally suitable in rooms for any gender. This is a very playful, yet classic combination.

Think of the sea when it comes to nautical decor

A child's bedroom.

As we often say, even the smallest details may be somewhat prominent. Much more than they may seem, in fact. So, to achieve the perfect nautical look you must use accessories that everyone will associate with the sea and the beach.

Think of decorative motifs of anchors, seahorses, starfish, seashells, boats, sailor’s knots, blue glass jars containing stones, sand or shells, etc. There are many on the market, most stores often have a section specifically dedicated to nautical decor. In fact, you can get many ideas in their showrooms.

These elements can be present as decorative motifs on textiles, rugs or pictures on the walls. Also, as small figurines or as garlands. In addition, they’re equally great children’s rooms. For younger ones, you could also add some decorative vinyl decals with marine animals, for example. They’ll give a more cheerful touch to the bedroom.

Striped prints are a must for a nautical decor

And, of course, you should give importance to stripes because these are irremediably associated with nautical decor. You can incorporate them in the form of textiles (carpets, bedding or curtains) or just on the walls themselves — either by painting them or using wallpaper.

What’s very important is to take into account the thickness and the distance between the stripes. The effect will be different as some could make spaces seem wider, while others could reduce them.

When it comes to the walls, we advise that you only put stripes on one of the walls and leave the others blank. That way the room won’t seem overloaded.

Opt for furniture made with natural materials

A blue and white room.

Lastly, we’d like to mention that the furniture must be simple but solid. The wooden furniture that will fit this style of decor best is that with an aged appearance. You can either leave the wood unfinished, in its natural state or paint it white. You could also add some blue details to some parts.

If you don’t have any wooden furniture, then try to at least go with plain white or a combination of white and blue. There’s a lot of furniture for children’s rooms out there that’s not too expensive.

You’ll find many products in specialized stores in terms of nautical style decor and you can also find them online. The end product will be an environment that will instill peace and quiet.

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So, in this article, we'll tell you all about this trend and give you some ideas so that you can decorate your home in the nautical style.