4 Beautiful Boathouses...

Learn about these beautiful floating houses all over the world. Let the beauty of their floating constructions surprise you.
4 Beautiful Boathouses...

Last update: 22 December, 2018

Floating on water, boathouses aren’t your conventional home. They’re in direct contact with nature and are all over the world. These kinds of homes are gaining more and more popularity as a new kind of lifestyle.

Many boathouses use ecological materials for their construction and, on top of that, they make the most of their space while using solar energy. In our post today, we’ll show you some different styles of boathouses all over the world. Let these beautiful floating constructions surprise you!

Floating homes all over the world

Whether on a river, seashore or lake, more and more homes are being built on water. There are different kinds of construction styles. You might find homes with a rustic, marine, modern, classical or many other styles that use different kinds of materials and shapes.

Below, we’ll show you 4 beautiful floating homes. Canada, Argentina, Thailand, and the United States, as well as many other countries, are starting to construct more of these kinds of homes.

1. Argentina

floating home argentina

In Argentina, small boathouses float along the river at the San Fernando Nautical Club in Buenos Aires. They’re mini-homes. They’re not a permanent residence for their owners, but rather, a place to relax and a get-away from the city.

These boathouses use ecological materials in their construction. In addition, they have solar panels to generate energy. Their shape, design, and material selection have been carefully thought through by Argentinean designers and architects.

These homes have a small structure on their bottom end, which is exclusively designed to keep the home afloat. The homes have big windows in the back, which also serves as an entryway and source of natural light.

2. Floating huts in Thailand

Floating homes thailand

Next on our list, is a beautiful community of floating huts in Thailand for tourists. So, if you’re thinking about going on a vacation, this could be a great option. These small floating homes sit on top of a giant raft and are surrounded by vegetation.

Their style takes a cue from nature with a beautiful bamboo construction on their roofs and walls. The beautiful wooden floors, lovely windows, and the pots that hang at the sides all make the homes really stand out.

So, if you’re thinking about taking a few days off to rest and want to visit Thailand, these beautiful huts will be perfect for clearing your mind. The contact with nature, natural materials and amazing floating constructions will make your vacation a perfect haven for relaxation and pleasure.

3. Muskoka boathouses in Canada

Canada also has a large variety of floating homes in different regions throughout the country. But in our post today, we’d like to focus your attention on Muskoka boathouses, located on the shores of Lake Muskoka, Ontario. This is a very special kind of home. A considerable amount of wood goes into the construction.

These homes have a modern design that uses straight angles. They have two floors, a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room.

Muskoka boathouses also have a stunning wooden deck that borders the entire perimeter of the homes. It goes from behind to the front area of the home and provides an exterior space to enjoy the outdoors on warm, summer days.

These homes have spacious rooms and modern windows that let in a considerable amount of natural light during the day.

4. Houseboats in the United States

Floating home united states

Last on our list, we’d like to show you the houseboats in Lake Union in Seattle. Lake Union is known for its large houseboat community. It’s here we can see boathouses designed by the company Vandeventer & Carlander.

These homes are modern and spacious, being very characteristic of the designs that come from the coast of Seattle. They use an interesting combination of materials, have two floors, with a deck on the top.

These striking homes are starting to trend all over the world as more and more people are trying to find a lifestyle that’s connected to nature and tranquility. So, if you’re thinking about changing your lifestyle, a boathouse could be a great option. If not, you could always just enjoy a special vacation on the water in a beautiful place.