7 Decorative Ideas that Will Surprise you

These home décor ideas, both old and new, will make your home one-of-a-kind. Choosing the right decorations is vital to achieving your desired look in your home.
7 Decorative Ideas that Will Surprise you

Last update: 13 November, 2018

You can create any number of styles in your home using different decorative ideas, many of which can be put together to give your rooms a completely new look.

Some decorative items are so unique that they take center stage in your room. This post will explain a couple of new decorative trends that will give your home real character.

1. Decorative cork – a real must

Using cork, an organic, natural material, gives rooms a very individual touch and has become a growing trend in home decoration.

In addition to being organic, cork is also a thermal, insulating and cost-effective material. It increasingly features in the most sophisticated and distinctive styles. It works well in varying quantities and colors, both on floors and on walls.

You’ll also find cork in many decorative accessories, including lamps, stools, countertops, flowerpots, and tableware.

2. Upholstered headboards

Upholstered bed headboards have become the perfect accompaniment to the decorative styles used in bedrooms.

Curved, padded or buttoned headboards provide hundreds of options for decorating your bedroom.

bed head

These headboards allow you to develop a style that reflects the ambiance you would like to create in your bedroom.

They can also make your rooms quite adaptable. Whether you want to create a modern décor or a more neoclassical style, these headboards use their materials to bring out the personality of your space.

3. Natural materials

Wicker, linen, bamboo and untreated wood in lighter shades all work well for different pieces of furniture within the same room, including objects such as lamps, curtains, quilts or rugs.

Distressed rustic or wicker baskets are decorative items that are currently very on-trend. They feature as magazine racks, flowerpot stands or storage containers, as well as many other things.

Materials such as natural stone are also extremely popular as they can be easily combined with other decorative items.

4. Plants galore – go even more natural!

Vegetal patterns will be very inspirational over the coming seasons. Nature, plants and, generally speaking, anything related to plant life, can be found in these patterns.

Plants can bring a great deal of life into your home. You could arrange different plants together and replace them if you get tired of the same look. However, bear in mind that you’ll need time to care for and water your plants, as well as a desire to transform your house into a greenhouse.

Tropical styles that make your home feel as if it were a jungle are also quite popular. With a range of shades of green and large-leafed, luscious plants, this style can give life to your rooms.

decorative plants

5. Marble

Marble is used in a countless number of homes, so this decorative material is far from novel. However, marble is now taking new forms.

White marble can be combined with many other materials and colors. It goes very well with both classic and vintage furniture.

Not only is marble used in objects and furniture, but marble wallpaper is also becoming all the rage.

6. Copper

This material is ideal for more informal settings as it can give your home a relaxed touch. However, it can also be used in more elegant spaces, creating a distinguished look in your rooms.

Copper furniture can really stand out. If you do opt for this material, it’s worth considering that it will take center stage in your room, so it’s better to use copper in moderation and in rooms that have less furniture.

If you would prefer not to take any chances with larger pieces of copper furniture, opting for smaller decorative items in copper, such as mirrors, figurines, pots or vases, is still a good option.

Copper-colored lamps also go well with many styles and are available in multiple designs, including round, flat or geometric shapes. Using industrial bulbs or simpler ceiling lights with copper details has also become all the rage recently.

7. Recapturing the art of craft

Reusing old materials and techniques is now very popular. In fact, second-hand shops are growing in number and older artisan techniques for making fabrics, ceramics and blown-glass are common to create a style that explores the roots of design.

decorative items

A taste for luxury and for beautiful, quality finishes is also an integral part of this style, which brings together extraordinary furniture, antiques, contemporary art, carefully-devised lighting, and refined fabrics.

The most important thing is to create a sophisticated setting that breathes originality into your rooms.

The key is to have fun and to dare to mix styles, making sure you love every aspect.