Noise-Reduction Windows: Block Out the Street Ruckus

End noise pollution by installing noise-reduction windows in your home; They'll help you create a peaceful setting.
Noise-Reduction Windows: Block Out the Street Ruckus

Last update: 04 March, 2019

If you live in an area where the noise from the street is a problem, it’s time for a change. Turn your home into a peaceful haven by installing noise-reduction windows and block out the noise for good.

We barely even notice but our society is getting used to living alongside high volumes of noise. If researchers embarked on a study of the decibels that have become a part of our everyday, we would see that it’s actually a problem that could affect our health.

To prevent complications, we have to look for ways to make our homes a place where we can enjoy the silence. There’s nothing better than coming home and knowing that it’s our serene refuge.

Sound affects our well-being

noise reduction window 1

Anxiety disorders might very well be one of the conditions that are becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. Many of them result from the daily grind and a lack of personal tranquility.

Lacking the personal right to something like rest could push our bodies to both a physical and mental breakdown. We have to break the cycle and look for solutions.

Cities are turning into places full of noise pollution: cars, planes, screams, night activities, bar terraces with music and people, etc. In one way or another, all of this can affect us. In light of that, look for daily well-being.

— The excess of noise comes from the human being’s lack of conscience.–

How can you start drowning out all the noise?

To solve the noise pollution problem, you have to find the main root: the windows that open on to the street. You have to focus on your windows if you want to block out all of that street noise.

Once you’ve identified the windows, we recommend contacting window specialists to evaluate the situation, the sources of noise and offer a solution – high-quality noise-reduction windows.

Noise-reduction windows

Noise reduction window 2

A brand that offers quality products at a good price is Climalit (link in Spanish). Their glass is excellent and stops noise from passing through them, assuring high-quality. Noise-reduction windows are characterized by the following:

  • As soon as the window is closed, street noise is blocked out, creating silence in the interiors.
  • The complete insulation keeps homes free of external noise.
  • Heat insulation: these windows prevent heat from escaping, helping owners save on heating bills and keeping cold air out.
  • They ensure a space to relax – even if you live in a noisy street you’ll still have a place for daily rest.

The isolation that these windows provide is worth the investment. Climalit Silence Plus offers top quality and is truly the next level in the world of windows.

What are noise-reduction windows made of?

Let’s look into what goes into these kinds of windows. First off, the materials are top notch. To have a better understanding of their composition, let’s look at the following materials:

noise reduction window 3
  • Windows are double glazed and the space between can be filled with argon gas. Bigger windows yield better results.
  • To have a minimal isolation effect, each glass pane needs to be at least 6 cm. thick; however, panes are usually made to be even thicker to ensure proper isolation.
  • Windows tend to use a pushing-out system that opens horizontally and vertically, ensuring a perfect close.
  • PVC is the most recommend frame as it’s ideal for conserving temperature and silence. Other varieties also include wood and metal, but they’re less efficient.
  • Heavy duty roller blinds: heavy duty blinds can also be a great complement to help maintain your interior setting. Look for the best quality and most promising noise-reducing options.

Remember that contacting specialists is your best option. Have them study your situation and take measurements for your noise-reduction windows because there’s nothing better than coming home to peaceful quietness.

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