Emerald Blue: The Feeling of Touching the Sky

Emerald blue is a tone that'll captivate you, helping to lighten the atmosphere and transmit a certain sensitive and clean character.
Emerald Blue: The Feeling of Touching the Sky

Last update: 13 November, 2020

The color emerald blue gives you the option of creating a peaceful, relaxed, and pleasant atmosphere. It makes people feel comfortable and, therefore, it’s perfect for any room.

The perception people usually have of colors depends on the relationship that exists between them and other elements of a room. Fundamentally, there’s a good harmony between them, but there must also be coordination and coherence with the rest of the items in the home.

Basically, it’s a good idea to use colors that can be easily combined and, at the same time, those that are interesting because of their appearance and distinction. There’s no doubt the range of cool colors is useful, both for their aesthetics and their functionality.

What do cool colors do for a room?

A bathroom with a plant.

This color palette is vast and has the greatest impact on the home. Furthermore, in this group, you can find the darkest to the lightest colors, producing different effects depending on the area where they’re located.

They’re appropriate for both adult and children’s bedrooms. However, the relationship with the rest of the decor must work so you can achieve chromatic harmony.

So, what do cold colors do to a room? They offer a placid, gentle, and delicate character. Furthermore, according to the experts, they promote internal luminosity and transmit a feeling of contentment.

Blues are varied, being the great leaders of the cool spectrum.

The main characteristics of emerald blue

A dining room with some gold accents.

When considering this color, different opinions arise. It’s useful to understand the different environments it can produce inside the home. To do so, let’s carefully analyze some of the characteristics of emerald blue:

  1. If you place it on the walls of a room, you’ll feel you’re surrounded by an atmosphere of purity and naturalness. It’ll remind you of the sky, so a connection with the outside is established.
  2. It gives off a feeling of breathing fresh air as if the environment is oxygenated and clean. Together with white, these are tones that transmit a certain order and send a direct message to the brain. Therefore, it’s considered great for bathrooms.
  3. If it’s on a specific object, you should place it somewhere prominent, since it’s an attractive color that, if seen from a distance, stands out clearly.
  4. Sofa cushions in this color are also great. It doesn’t matter if they’re neutral, dark, or warm, the cushions will be a feature and produce a truly interesting contrast.
  5. Its use on furniture creates a unique style. It creates a welcoming feeling to such an extent that, if the furniture wears, you get a vintage feel.

Emerald blue in the bedroom

An emerald blue bed in a bedroom.

You can use different ideas when you use emerald blue in the bedroom. We recommend alternating it with white on the walls. It’s a way to energize and not overload the room.

Another option is the bedspread . A particular feature of emerald blue is the feeling of freshness and softness it provides. As mentioned above, it has a peaceful character and is pleasant to the eye.

Curtains, a seat, the headboard, or carpet are other items that you can use this color for. However, don’t saturate the room with this color.

This color comes directly from a mineral.

The kitchen

A kitchen with some emerald blue tiles.

In the kitchen, you can find it mainly on furniture. It goes very well with granite countertops, parquet floors, and the metallic tones of appliances. As in the bathroom, it transmits an effect of cleanliness and softness.

In short, emerald blue is an opportunity to redecorate. You have to think about how you combine it, but aesthetically it has a lot to say in any of the rooms of the house.

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