Decoration Ideas for Houses with Exposed Brick

If you like houses with exposed brick, you'll probably want to know how to use this feature so as not to overdo it. Small details are enough to make your rooms look charming.
Decoration Ideas for Houses with Exposed Brick

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Houses with exposed brick automatically make us think of country or mountain houses. However, in the city, some houses still have exposed brick as decoration.

In the following article, we’re going to give you some ideas so that you can decorate rooms with brickwork that hasn’t been covered over for different reasons.

Houses with exposed brick – perfect decoration

There’s no doubt that when you enter a house with one or more exposed brick walls, you get a different feeling than when you enter a house that’s painted completely white (or any other color).

Brick gives us a feeling of homeliness, harmony, and family… with a dose of good taste thrown in. As long as we don’t overdo things with the decoration, or fill it with too many objects, then it can be really beautiful.

Some people choose to use a brick wall to separate rooms, others to highlight a corner of the house. Other people like this style in their living room and some prefer this material in the kitchen or bedroom.

The best thing about brick is that it combines perfectly with wood, metal, stone, plants, fabrics, works of art… almost everything! But that doesn’t mean that we should overload the room with decorative objects or furniture. If we do this, then we’ll achieve the opposite effect to the one we wanted.

Ideas for decorating houses with exposed brick

Houses with exposed brick usually maintain a certain country style. So, if you like this trend, then we recommend that you try to accentuate this material that the walls have been made with.

However, it’s not only rustic houses that can enjoy the benefits of brick. If you live in a city flat, you may also have the opportunity to expose a brick wall or decorate one to make it look like exposed brick. Whatever the case, these decoration tips will certainly come in handy.

1. On the TV wall

A brick wall for the TV.
Brick wall /

If you only have one wall in the living room with exposed brick then it’s a good idea to use this as the most prominent wall in the house. For example, you can put the TV unit against that wall, or you can mount the TV directly on that wall. In this way, you can enjoy the rustic look while watching a movie or series.

2. Framed photos

Photos on wall.
Wall /

Do you love photography? Or perhaps you have a lot of photos of your vacations, your family, or your pet? In that case, you can use the brick wall to display them, like a collection in an art gallery.

Black and white images will look much better against the brick background. However, if you only have color photos, then choose a black frame and leave a white edge around the photograph. As for the distribution of the photos, you can place one next to the other (like in a gallery) or make a kind of collage with different sized frames, both vertical and horizontal.

3. Houses with exposed brick – bed headboard

Brickwork in bedroom.
Bedroom /

As we’ve already said, brick combines well with a great variety of different materials. So, if you fancy the idea of having exposed brick in your bedroom, then use it around the bed’s headboard.

The best option here is to have a headboard of wood or metal, or even not to have a headboard at all. We recommend using cushions and rustic blankets and, if you wish, another good option is to put a shelf or picture in the center of the wall so that it doesn’t look too empty.

4. Houses with exposed brick for shelves in the kitchen

Brickwork in the kitchen.

Brick is a material commonly associated with kitchens, especially in country houses. An exposed brick wall goes well where the kitchen worktop is. You can then add shelves with glass jars where you can put spices or different ingredients such as pasta, rice, flour, sugar, and coffee.

For an excellent combination, you could also build a breakfast bar with an exposed brick base – this will look absolutely amazing!

5. Painted brickwork

Painted brickwork.

You may like the idea of having a house with exposed brick, but the brick red color doesn’t match your furniture or decorative style. No problem! Another advantage of brick is that it can be painted in any color, including white, while retaining the texture and look that we love so much.

Exposed brick houses have much more potential than you might think. Don’t overload your walls just for the sake of it – try to find harmony with your decor.

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