6 Tips for Fitting Your TV into Your Home Decor

Want to fit your TV into your home decor but don't know how? In our post today, check out our practical and original ideas.
6 Tips for Fitting Your TV into Your Home Decor

Last update: 01 September, 2019

If your TV bothers you visually or clashes with your home decor, we have a variety of ideas for fitting it into your wall decor. With a few resources and creativity, you can hide your TV or fit it into your home decor.

The main idea is to make your TV go unnoticed, melding it in visually with the rest of your decor. Our tips will work for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms; or anywhere you might have a TV on your wall.

Check out our 6 amazing tips below for fitting your TV into your home decor.

Fitting a TV into your home decor

You can make your TV blend in by making it a part of a set of objects or by covering it with creative elements. Here are some ideas that you can try.

1. Camouflage your TV with pictures

Visually blending a TV into a wall by surrounding it with pictures or paintings is a popular tactic. Include your TV in a set of other, differently-sized pictures on your wall. Try to create a composition that uses similar colors and textures.

Among a collection of paintings, your TV will just seem like another picture. It’ll blend right in and go unnoticed.

2. Frame your TV

TV home decor frame

A frame is a creative solution. You can frame your TV. By using a frame, you’ll lead eyes into thinking that your TV is a painting. Take your time to find a beautiful, detailed frame that works with the textures and colors of your setting. Make sure the measurements are appropriate for your TV for a perfect fit.

3. Sliding doors

Another incredibly practical idea is covering your TV with a sliding door. Choose a material that you like to slide over and hide your TV. Nice wood sliding doors will look great if you have a rustic home decor style.

You can also play around with your doors’ material, colors and textures. Your TV will stay hidden behind your sliding doors and you can open them whenever you want to watch TV.

4. Faux windows

TV home decor

If you don’t want to go with the sliding doors, you can try a mirror cabinet to create faux windows instead. Try looking for a cabinet that’s bigger than your TV while suitable for the surrounding decor. With a mirror cabinet, you can enjoy beautiful faux windows and open them whenever you want to watch TV.

5. Roller shades

Another great idea is installing a roller shade above your TV. You can try using a fun texture, a map or artwork as the shade itself. That way, you can enjoy a large decorative piece for your walls that you can roll up whenever you want to catch your favorite show.

It’s a great way to hide your TV when you’re not using it while decorating your walls at the same time.

6. Match your wall color to hide your TV

Our last idea is especially handy if you don’t want to see it at all when not in use. Create a wall cabinet to tuck your TV into and cover it with a panel. Use a panel that has the same color or texture as your walls.

TV home decor panel

For example, if you have white wood walls, try to use the same texture and colors for your panel to cover your TV. If you used a special wallpaper for your walls, look for a panel with the same pattern.

The panel will cover your TV and blend in with your walls. Additionally, it will keep your room’s overall visual appeal intact if you’re someone who doesn’t like how electronics look in home decor.

As you’ve read with us today, there are all kinds of solutions for fitting your TV into your home decor or hiding it entirely. You can surround it with pictures, try frames or even cover it with a nice panel. You can also use this decor camouflage on any wall in your home with a TV.

By blending them into your home decor, you’ll visually tidy up your walls. Try our ideas and fit your TV right into your home decor.

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