9 Stylish Headboard Ideas You'll Love

Making your own original DIY headboards is a great way to transform your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary. Take a look at these 9 fantastic headboard ideas.
9 Stylish Headboard Ideas You'll Love

Last update: 09 February, 2020

Today, we want to show you how to create a bedroom full of personality and style. To do this, we’ll be focusing on one of the most important items in any bedroom: the headboard. Headboards can define the look of your room: cozy, practical, romantic, natural… It all depends on what kind of style you want to create. Read on to discover 9 stylish headboard ideas.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, headboards are essential. They’re said to protect your energy, and bring with them feelings of safety and security. The larger they are, the better they’re able to carry out this role. Those who follow the teachings of Feng Shui should, therefore, focus on the size rather than the materials.

Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui, no one can deny that headboards play a huge role in setting the tone of your decor. The rest of the decoration, including the color palette, will depend on the headboard you choose.

Inspirational headboard ideas

1. Driftwood headboard

Driftwood headboard.

As well as being super simple, driftwood headboards comply with the principles of Feng Shui and are 100% natural and eco-friendly. As the name suggests, they’re made from different pieces of driftwood, which give the headboard a natural, organic shape, and your bedroom a charming, rustic feel. In terms of colors, these headboards offer up a wide range of possibilities.

2. Headboard ideas – tassels

Tie-dye tassels.

As you can see in the image above, a simple wooden bar serves to support hundreds of tassels, which hang down to form the headboard. The fibers have been dyed using the tie-dye technique. This is a trend that has come back into style in recent months and works well with the boho aesthetic.

3. Window headboard

Repurposed window.

As you can see in the image above, repurposed doors and windows are decorative elements with great potential. To find out more, take a look at our article on 10 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Door.

4. Headboard ideas – wooden boxes

Headboard ideas - wooden shelving unit.

If you’re looking for a more refined look that plays into both your love of order and books, you can create your own headboard bookcase using wooden boxes. You can decorate it with different ornaments, incorporate baskets to help keep things organized, and even use it to display your favorite houseplants.

5. Folding screen

Natural fiber folding screen.

People often underestimate the power of the classic folding screen, but believe us when we tell you, the possibilities are endless. As well as using them as room dividers, you can also use them to create a charming headboard for your bed. In the example above, the designer has chosen a screen made of wood and natural fibers, which works perfectly with the rest of the room. That said, you can choose whatever material you like – metal, fabric wood. It all depends on your taste and style!

6. Headboard ideas – vintage doors

Headboard ideas - repurposed door.

Restoring old doors isn’t all that complicated. All it takes is a little time, and it can be quite therapeutic! Once you’ve finished restoring your door, try using it as a headboard for your bed. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

7. Fabric headboards

Colorful fabrics.

It doesn’t get any simpler than a fabric headboard. As you can see in the photo above, making your DIY headboards doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Beautiful fabrics with eye-catching patterns can be the perfect ally for great bedroom decor and a good night’s sleep. In this case, the fabric is attached to a wooden bar, but you could simply stick it directly to the wall, and use pillows to help it stand out.

8. Headboard ideas – macramé


Believe it or not, macramé woven fabrics can also make charming headboards. Although they can be great for creating that rustic feel, it will also depend on the color you choose, and the rest of the elements in the room. For example, combining macrame with beautiful plants and elegant gold detailing will create a chic and stylish bedroom look.

9. Murals

Map of the world wallpaper.

Wallpaper is here to stay and, as you can see, you can even use it to create an original headboard for your bed. In the example above, the designer has chosen a map of the world and used it to cover the entire wall. As always, you can choose the design that best suits your taste and your color palette. After all, there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to wallpaper.

Headboards can take almost any form you like. You can use photographs, lights, fabrics, driftwood, and even books to turn your ideas into reality and give your bedroom a touch of originality.

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