Bedroom Feng Shui: What You Need to Know

Today we're going to show you some helpful tips on how to achieve feng shui in your bedroom in a simple, practical way. It will help make your bedroom a place for peace and harmony.
Bedroom Feng Shui: What You Need to Know

Last update: 27 July, 2019

Today, we’re going to be focusing on the bedroom, and how it fits into the age-old art of “feng shui.” According to this ancient tradition, your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also a place for romance, and for relaxation. In feng shui, the bedroom is a sacred space, and you need to treat it that way.

Designing your bedroom with this tradition in mind will help make sure there’s a positive energy flow in it. The kind of energy that radiates within you, nourishes you and stimulates your mind.

That kind of space will help you feel calm and relaxed and is perfect for a long night of rest, a quick nap, or a passionate experience with your partner.

The first major part of re-thinking your room is to do a deep clean and put some order to the chaos. Once you’ve done that, and gotten rid of things you don’t need, you should burn some sage, rosewood, or cedar incense.

Doing that last bit will guarantee that you’re starting off from a good place to regulate your qi (life force). Now, let’s take a more detailed look at what you need to do to create a feng shui bedroom.

Feng shui in the bedroom

No TV or computers

You absolutely destroy any good energy in the room when you put a TV or computer in it. They both bring residual stress from work and other parts of your life. On top of that, they end up making you extremely restless and fidgety, and that’s not good for your health.

The same goes for any exercise equipment in your bedroom. Feng shui forbids that kind of thing too. It’s just a distraction from your relationship with yourself, and with your partner. It’s also a reminder of any exercise you haven’t done.

Air quality

Feng shui is also a lot about the quality of the air in your room. That means opening the windows often and having an air purifier, if possible. You want your bedroom to have lots of fresh air and oxygen.

Plants aren’t the ideal way to purify your air when it comes to feng shui. You should only put plants in your bedroom if it’s very large and they won’t be too close to the bed.

One great way to purify your bedroom within feng shui guidelines is to use essential oils. But be careful, you need to be sure you’re getting pure oils, the kind with healing properties. Anything that’s just a fragrance is generally toxic.

Rules for the bed

There are 3 basic rules with the bed in your room. The first is that you should be able to get into it from either side. The second is that you should have two nightstands, one for each side of the bed. The third (and last) is to make sure your bed isn’t straight in front of the door.

It’s also important to have a nice-looking and balanced bed in feng shui. This tradition is all about harmony and energy. When it comes to the bedroom, that means having a good mattress, quality sheets (made of natural fibers, ideally), and a good, solid headboard.

The best colors for a feng shui bedroom

The goal of the colors you use to create feng shui in your bedroom is to create harmony and balance for the best possible flow of energy. This will help you get truly restful sleep.

The colors feng shui prioritizes in a bedroom are called “skin colors,” from white to a rich, dark brown (and everything in between). Any color on any part of that spectrum is a good choice.

Doors, drawers, and organization

You always want to close the drawers and doors in your room at night. That includes everything: closets, bathroom, dressers, and the main door into the bedroom.

What that does is create a more nourishing energy flow. In feng shui, it’s also best not to put too many mirrors in the room, because they’ll interfere with your sleep.

It’s also vital to keep your closets and dressers clean and organized. That generates a sense of tranquility and peace, which are crucial in the room you sleep in.

You should also pay attention to the interaction between the doors and windows in your room. You want to make sure that qi isn’t escaping the room in that way.

The feng shui bedroom


No matter what style you’ve decorated your bedroom in, you can always follow these simple feng shui tips to make sure yours is restorative and full of positive energy. The basic trick is to pick things out intentionally, carefully, and affectionately. This will help make it a healing, relaxing space.

Don’t worry if your bedroom doesn’t match up with any of these things right now, either. You can start with small changes, and with a bit of planning, you can keep making changes until feng shui has brought its subtle, balanced energy to your bedroom.