Home Aromatherapy: Here Are Our Tips!

If you want to add some spark or a nice smell to each space in your home, keep reading to see all our tips!
Home Aromatherapy: Here Are Our Tips!

Last update: 16 November, 2020

When you think about the home of your dreams, you probably think mostly about the decoration and style you want. But those aren’t the only things that count. Every home has a unique, personal smell. In other words, the scent is an important thing to consider in your home, and that’s where aromatherapy can help. 

It might not seem like that big a deal, but smells actually have the power to bring about positive feelings. The scents you choose for your home, or for the various rooms in it, can even play a part in your daily life. With that in mind, we’ve come up with this list of tips for home aromatherapy. Read on to learn how to use smell to your advantage!

Things to keep in mind before you start doing home aromatherapy

A diffuser is spreading a scent into the air.

Before you think about how to spread scents, or which ones you want to use, there are some important things to consider so that you can fully enjoy the scents you choose. 

Airing your home every day

If you want to have a nice environment in your home, you need to air all the rooms in your house for at least 10 minutes a day. Doing that will keep the air in the rooms from going stale, and will keep your spaces feeling fresh, day in and day out!

Smells like tobacco

If anyone in your home is a smokermake sure they always do it in the same area. They should also close the door all the way and have a window open. That will keep the smell from spreading to other parts of the house.

Pet hygiene

If you like animals, then having a pet is an infinite source of joy. But that also means that you should be cleaning much more deeply, and frequently if you want to keep your home smelling nice.

Scents for your home

A different one for each room

An assortment of essential oils on a wooden slab.

Most people have a favorite smell or two. You should approach the rooms in your house in the same way. So, the real trick here is to know how to choose the right scent for each area of your home. That’s the best way to make the smells in your home feel truly personal.

  • Kitchen: this is a part of your home with lots of smells mixing together on its own. So, you should use citrus scents here. They’ll make it feel fresh again.
  • Bathroom: this is another part of the home that has a lot of smells passing through it. In this case, you’ll want to use clean, natural-smelling scents. 
  • Bedroom: you can obviously choose your preferred in-home smell for this room. It’s an easy way to personalize the room. Another good option is to use lavender or lotus because they’re very relaxing and will help you sleep better.
  • Living room: this is an odd room in the sense that you can really use any scent you want. The only thing to be careful of is that it’s not too strong. You don’t want to put people off.

Fresh flowers as home aromatherapy

Flowers in vases.

One of the best, most natural forms of home aromatherapy involves using fresh flowers. The best thing about these is that they also work as a really gorgeous form of decoration. They’ll bring color and life into any room.

The only downside to using flowers as aromatherapy is that they end up wilting before long. In other words, they stop smelling good and you have to get more.

Scented candles

A scented candle with coffee beans on it.

If you love candles, this is definitely your best aromatherapy option. The sheer variety of scents they come in and the relaxation they instill when you light them make them one of the best, and cheapest options out there.

Sprays: a great quick fix

A lavender oil spray.

If you ever need to make a room in the home smell better in a rush, there’s no better option than a spray with a specific scent. It’s the best way to quickly and practically create a pleasant aroma in a room if you need a quick fix. 

Reed diffusers: a new form of home aromatherapy

A mikado reed diffuser for home aromatherapy.

Simple and elegant, all you have to do is put reed stalks into a scented liquid and they’ll start to spread the aroma around. These are one of the hottest home trends out there right now. Their simplicity has made them extremely popular, but on top of that, they last a long time and look great as a decoration.