Where's the Best Place in the Living Room to Put the TV?

If you're not sure where in the living room you should put the TV, keep the following things in mind.
Where's the Best Place in the Living Room to Put the TV?

Last update: 05 January, 2019

Since the mid-twentieth century, the television has been a source of entertainment for the entire family. But, what’s the best place in the living room to put your TV?

In the past, whole neighborhoods used to gather around a single black and white television. However, now you can find a TV in every home. 

Do you know where in the living room is the best place for your TV? Is there a specific space that’s better for viewing?

TV and lounge formats

Not long ago, people had large televisions that took up a lot of space in the living room.

But they weren’t only in the living room. Some wealthy families also had another in the kitchen or in the bedrooms. However, the largest one was always in the living room.

The room’s layout varied greatly depending on where the television faced. However, it also depended on two fundamental factors: 

  • the antenna
  • the light coming in the window

-If you don’t have a TV, then what does your furniture face?-

Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

New television concepts

The invention of flat screen televisions has caused a technological revolution that’s radically changed the concept of the living room.

Many television sets also serve the purpose of decoration because of:

  • their shape
  • their quality

Current televisions have the following features:

  • Large size
  • Shades of glass in their frame instead of plastic
  • Fine and thin
  • Rectangular shape (landscape)

What has been achieved with this change in TVs? Since they only take up about 10 cm next to the wall, there’s more space in the room.

In fact, they can also be hung like a painting, making them a decorative element and a focal point of the room.

Where to put the TV?

put the tv

Where’s the ideal place to put the TV? A lot of people probably wonder this and we often put it in the wrong place, making the room’s setup uncomfortable.

The main thing is that it should be facing the sofa. That way, you won’t have to turn your head to watch it.

Also, be sure that the natural light is coming into the room from the side; this keeps the light from reflecting on the screen and hurting your eyes. So, you should avoid having windows behind the TV.

Don’t put it too high. Make sure it’s at a comfortable height that won’t hurt your neck when watching TV.

Television accessories

What are the most common accessories for a television?

When putting these devices in the room, try to hide them out of sight so they don’t mess up the look of the room. They can be put under a table, in a small closet or even on the floor.

Remember that you want your TV to be a focal point in the room. Generally, when a room is organized it looks comfortable. Anything that will mess with the room’s aesthetic appearance should be out of sight.

Sofa and table

A good sofa or armchair will let you enjoy your television for hours. It should be comfortable and great place to rest. Being able to come home to something like this will make everyone happy.

The coffee table usually sits between the sofa and the TV. It’s a very useful piece of furniture because itis great for:

  • Placing objects on 
  • Storage – drawers or shelves for keeping magazines and other items (video game controllers, remotes, etc.)
  •  Displaying decorative elements: candles, vases, tablecloths, etc.


One thing is clear, we’re spending more and more time in front of the TV. That’s why we should make this space as comfortable as possible. You have to take into account the TV’s orientation in order to set up the living room furniture in the best way possible.