Decorating According to Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that decorating your home according to your zodiac sign was a thing? Let's see what your sign has to say about your personality.
Decorating According to Your Zodiac Sign

Last update: 29 October, 2019

Tell us when you were born and we’ll tell you how you should decorate your home. Today, many people are giving traditional interior design a fun twist – decorating according to their zodiac signs. This is a great way to put creativity to work and have fun!

Pseudosciences such as Feng Shui, Hygge, and Pyt oftentimes share tips on how people should decorate their homes to make them more harmonious. These decor methods have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Why can’t we, then, decorate our spaces based on our zodiac signs? It definitely makes sense.

We know many people are skeptical about the zodiac. However, we’ve consulted with the stars and are convinced that your tastes are determined by certain planetary aspects. Don’t hesitate to learn more about this, we know it’s interesting.

Decorating according to your zodiac sign

According to astrology, the planets and the position of the stars are the basis of our personality. No matter if you believe in this or not, dare to dive into this world and explore a different point of view. Think about it – wouldn’t it be great to find out more about yourself and decorate your spaces according to your personality?

Aries – from March 21 to April 20

A glam-style living room, very much in tune with the first zodiac sign: Aries.

This is one of the signs that’s most interested in achieving success. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we recommend you make your decor stand out. If there’s a determined style for Aries, it’s glam. When it comes to decoration, don’t be afraid to play with iconic design pieces that catch everyone’s attention once they walk in the room. Let your house shine with glass and metal artifacts as well as bright colors.

Taurus – from April 21 to May 20

A living room decorated with earth-tone colors.

If you’re a Taurus, you probably love all things earthy, cozy, and comfy. Not only that, though, you also probably love luxury. You love it when people visit you, which is why the dining room and kitchen are the most important points for this sign.

Find a house with a garden or plant it yourself. This will fill you with energy. Decorate your home with wooden furniture to be in tune with your energy. You’re all about a peaceful home.

Gemini – from May 21 to June 21

Pop art decor in living room, suitable for the zodiac sign of Gemini.

We can’t forget those born in the month of June and their originality. If you’re a Gemini, it’s likely that you enjoy keeping up with trends. You’re bold, colorful, unique, and striking. If we had to pinpoint a style for you, it’d be pop art.

Cancer – from June 22 to July 23

A vintage-looking living room.

These people are homebodies and have a strong tendency to revive the past, so a retro style will for sure make those born under this zodiac sign go crazy (in a good way!).

They cling to things and are able to create warm, peaceful places in the blink of an eye. Everything related to antiques and collectors’ items makes this sign happy.

Leo – from July 24 to August 23

A hollywood regency-style dining room, perfect for the zodiac sign of Leo.

Leos are perfectionists and their light must shine above all. If you’re one of those born under this sign, you’ll agree that the most important thing for you is to make sure everyone can see how great you are. When it comes to home decor, you can do this through special furniture full of personality and original pieces.

Perhaps the Hollywood Regency style goes well with your personality – do you agree?

Virgo – from August 24 to September 23

A classic, white living room.

Virgos are usually very neat and practical so they’re rather conservative in style. The classic style goes very well with them. Although they may enjoy a bit of modernity in their homes, they aren’t fans of flamboyant decor.

This zodiac sign pays a lot of attention to detail and makes sure everything looks the way it should. No matter how Virgos choose to decorate their homes, you can bet it’s always going to look organized and clean.

Libra – from September 24 to October 23

A zen-style bedroom.

This zodiac sign is always looking to achieve a perfect balance. That being said, what better style for them than Zen? This style is characterized by a feeling of harmony that’s able to transport you to a peaceful place. For Libras, it’s very important that their homes reflect calm and comfort.

Scorpio – from October 24 to November 22

An office decorated according to Feng Shui.

This is a very honest sign, so much so that they may hurt others with their words. They’re very passionate about everything mystic and taboo. However, they’re very love-oriented at the same time. Without a doubt, Feng Shui will be of great help to those born under this sign. If you’re a Scorpio, don’t forget to fill your home with fire elements and colors associated with them.

Sagittarius – from November 23 to December 21

A cottage in the English countryside, relevant to the style of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

These nature lovers need to have a garden or live near the sea or the mountains. They love being the life of the party, so a large terrace where they can enjoy large get-togethers would be ideal. Sagittariuses can find inspiration in the English countryside, where nature strongly features.

Capricorn – from December 22 to January 20

An industrial-style home, perfect for the sober style of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Capricorns are traditional and disciplined and enjoy being direct and practical. The industrial style is what could define this sign. Everything linked to hard materials, such as steel and dark colors – black, brown, gray suits them. One more thing – they love doing things themselves so it’s possible that they end up assembling their own furniture.

Aquarius – from January 21 to February 19

A bedroom decorated in boho chic style.

This sign is unpredictable, original, and eclectic. In the house of an Aquarius, you can find plenty of works of art that they either bought or made themselves.

They’re quite bizarre, unconventional and have strong beliefs, so if we had to assign a style for them it’d be boho chic. They like to create carefree but warm environments. They love being surrounded by people so it’s important for them that their guests feel comfortable and calm at the same time.

Pisces – from February 20 to March 20

Minimalist decor in bedroom.

Pisceans are dreamers and hedonists. The perfect decorative style for a Pisces is the minimalist. Simple lines, simple furniture, and neutral colors. Of course, all dotted with beautiful, delicate details.

As you can see, each zodiac sign is special in its own way. We’ve seen 12 different personalities that can be reflected through a specific style, materials or colors.

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