Gain Space by Making the Most of Your Terrace

Thinking about adding a terrace to your home? In today's post, we have some tips for doing it right.
Gain Space by Making the Most of Your Terrace

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Do you live in a medium-sized apartment or house, or simply need another room? We have a solution for you. If you have a terrace you can convert it into another room and create more space. But sometimes decorating or knowing how to make the most of it all-year-round isn’t easy.

So today, we’ll explain some practical tips on integrating your terrace into your home living space.

Adding another room to your home will also make it easier to move around. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty more furniture placement options as well.

Add your terrace to your home living space

There are different ways to integrate your terrace into the different rooms of your home. You could enclose your terrace, making another room. Or, you could simply add it onto a room by installing the right kinds of doors.

terrace 1

Enclose or connect your terrace

Complete enclosure

Integrating your terrace with your home isn’t limited to just enclosing and using it as another room. There are many ways to add terraces to a home living space and enclosing is just one method.

You could completely enclose and leave it accessible only through a small door. We recommend using glass walls to close off the space to keep the space connected to the outdoors. You could also opt to decorate with plants or have a garden there.

Connecting doors

You could also integrate this space by connecting it to another room with sliding doors. Make sure to install them properly to allow them to slide completely, allowing for fluid circulation and connection. The doors will give your rooms more amplitude. Additionally, the rooms would make great spots to hang out during the summer.

Try to find appropriate outdoor furniture pieces that can withstand the weather. Decorating both the rooms in one unifying decor is a great idea. If they both follow the same decor, they’ll create a beautiful visual composition and blend in harmoniously into one single space.

Terrace 3

Add your terrace to the living room

This could also be a wonderful idea. You could enclose or connect it with sliding doors as mentioned earlier. Follow the same pattern of elements and colors to create balanced decor.

Making your spaces bigger will let you use elements that add even more comfort to your life. For example, a secondary living room, new couches, bean bag chairs, plants, standing lamps and more. An intimate, cozy corner would also look really nice in your secondary living room. It could be a space to relax, read at night or enjoy some privacy.

Integrate your terrace to the attic

terrace 4

If your terrace is next to your attic, connecting them could also be another great idea. Connect and match it to the decor of your attic.

If you’re using your attic as a games room, for example, expanding it could be an excellent idea. You could add string lights on your terrace, more games, and a comfy couch. It’d be a great way to expand and create a recreational room to enjoy all-year-round. Try connecting your rooms in the most practical and comfortable way possible.

As you’ve read with us today, integrating your terrace to your home can be a great way to gain space. You could use the furniture you already have at home to furnish it. Or, if you have the means and prefer it, purchase new elements that match with your home’s decor. Terraces are great for enlarging, integrating and connecting spaces. You could enjoy it all-year-round. Try integrating your terrace to your home with originality and style!

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