Cute and Practical Bunk Beds

Thanks to a bigger and better market, there are plenty of bunk beds from which to choose from today.
Cute and Practical Bunk Beds

Last update: 02 December, 2018

When it comes to bunk beds, the first image that often comes to mind are those classic wooden or metal-framed beds that you have to use to save space in a small room. But these days, you can find modern, cute and practical bunk beds and we-re going to tell you all about them!

Do you want a fun room for your youngsters? Or maybe an extra bedOr perhaps you’re just tight on space? In today’s post, we’ll show you some great ideas for bunk beds.

Fun bunk beds for the young ones

Sleeping in a bunk bed can be a real adventure for your little  ones. Climbing up the ladder, jumping or playing will really be a treat for them. They’ll have a better time if the beds include steps, a pole to slide down or a fun balcony, converting their bed into a mini playground.

This is a way to transform a small room into a playroom where kids can have a blast. Stairs instead of the conventional ladder that, as well as helping kids get up and down, are handy to use as drawers.

Another style of bunk beds uses a slide instead of a ladder. This is a feature that your kids will love. However, you’ll have to consider the fact that a slide will take up a considerable amount of space and doesn’t offer the drawer option that stairs would.

Bunk Bed Stairs

Single and full-sized bed

These kinds of bunk beds combine a single and full-sized bed. They conveniently provide room for three people in a limited space. These aren’t your average set of bunk beds as more traditional models only offer two single beds.

Some can store an extra single or full-sized mattress underneath the full-sized bed. At some point, that spare mattress will definitely come in handy. While the spare tends to be thinner, it’ll be perfect for unexpected guests.

Bunk bed single and full

Bed plus a play area

These bunk beds are perfect for younger children. If their room doesn’t offer a lot of space with the bed, desk, and closet, children might have a hard time finding space to play.

Playing is crucial for kids; they learn, form relationships and have fun through play. To solve this space problem, we suggest using a bunk bed that only has a top bunk. You can then use the bottom bunk as a play area. It could be a fun cave or place to put a rug and spend hours and hours playing.

Bunk bed play area

Bed and studio space

The following is the same idea as above, but this one is for teens. You can create a sleeping area, which is the top bunk, and below it, a study area with a desk.

The top bunk has to be quite high to keep the study from being too dark and small an area. This bunk bed is a fantastic option for small rooms that require a study area.

Another option for this kind of bunk bed includes a removable bed as well. This additional bed can be stored in the study area and pulled out in seconds.


bunk bed study

If you want this kind of bunk bed, we recommend keeping a second bed. You’ll have your normal bed and study as well as an extra removable bed.

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