Comforters for Children

Choosing the right comforter for your child can be easy.
Comforters for Children

Last update: 22 April, 2019

Have you run out of ideas for comforters for children? Don’t worry! Here are four ideas that you’ll absolutely love.

Comforters for children are one of the most important items when choosing textiles for family bedrooms. There are many factors to look at when doing this.

On the one hand, they should be of good quality. On the other, they should be fun and attractive. 

Ultimately, children’s rooms should be special and a place to escape for them.

Of course, comforters should be functional. In other words, they should be easy to care for and maintain. Also, they should offer more than one design option, as with reversible comforters.

In this article, we give you four ideas for children’s comforters that will make their rooms an inviting and cozy place to spend time.

1.Fun Comforters

Children’s rooms should adapt to the age of the child. Naturally, this has a lot to do with the personality and tastes of the child. 

Clearly, a child’s room should be dynamic and fun. Otherwise, it’ll be no different than any other room in the house.

The comforters for children that we suggest in this article are super fun and we’re sure that your children will love them.

These are comforters that have depictions of people, such as astronauts, pirates, cowboys, or ballerinas. So when children go to bed they can imagine themselves being these people.

2. Animal comforters

Animals tend to be one of the most popular themes to use when decorating a child’s room.

This idea for comforters is very simple since they use traditional designs on the fabric. These are mostly Scandinavian designs and they mix dark colors like brown or black with white and other pastel colors. 

Comforters with forest animals tend to come in in browns and grays. On the other hand, jungle animals predominantly have colors such as mint green, turquoise, and pink.

3. Printed comforters

Most fabrics that we have in our homes are prints. Printed fabrics are a very common way to break with lineal decor.

Typical designs for children’s comforters include polka dots, little birds or stars.

The prints should always be medium or small in size and in a variety of colors. The style is a light colored background with a brightly colored print.

White comforter with a pink printed heart

4. Two comforters in one

Reversible comforters are great and even better for children’s rooms.

The great thing about these is that we can switch from one design to a totally different one when we need a change.

Luckily, reversible comforters aren’t very difficult to find and their price tends to be about the same as those that are not reversible.

White comforters with a pink unicorn on a rainbow.

Tips for choosing the right comforter

In general, when selecting a comforter, you need to take into account certain things, such as the size of the bed. 

However, when it comes to comforters for children, you should take into account the type of fabric to make sure they feel soft and snuggly.

There are mainly two types of comforter fabrics: those of cotton and those of polyester. Both offer different advantages and also have disadvantages.

The cotton comforters are hypoallergenic. Obviously, these are perfect for children who have allergies. At the same time, cotton is a natural absorbent in summer and in winter it protects from the cold.

The disadvantage of cotton is that it’s more expensive and can shrink when you wash it.

On the other hand, polyester is cheaper than cotton. In addition, it’s durable and hardly wrinkles at all.

However, one of the disadvantages of polyester is that it’s not breathable and it tends to pill, producing little balls that stick to the fabric. This is rather annoying as well as unsightly.

Besides considering the fabric of the comforter, it’s a good idea to allow the child to help choose when he or she is old enough.

Pink comforter with white swan design


Comforters for children offer an endless selection of designs, colors, and possibilities.

The most important aspect is that a comforter is stylish, has personality, and a good quality, which is so important for a child’s room.

Take into account the style of the decor of the room so that the comforter is a perfect fit for it.

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