Chandeliers - How to Decorate with Them

Why not decorate your home with chandeliers? From classic to industrial - choose your style.
Chandeliers - How to Decorate with Them

Last update: 14 March, 2021

Dare to decorate your home with chandeliers. They’ll give a completely different look to your rooms. You’ll love them!

Lighting is one of the most important decorative items. It allows you to create warm and cozy atmospheres and comfortable spaces to spend time in. The intensity and the light color can have different effects.

Chandeliers are perfect to transform your home. Here you’ll learn how to decorate with them.

If you think that they’re too ostentatious or that they’re related to a classic style, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look at these ideas and choose your favorite.

The history of chandeliers

how to decorate with them

Sooner or later trends come back but are reinvented. After many years of minimalism and Nordic styles, eclectic atmospheres have become an important decor style. Chandeliers suit this perfectly.

Classic rooms and the combination of different materials and shapes are some characteristics of this style. That’s why chandeliers from the 19th century are popular. They’re related to the opulence of classic and detailed rooms.

Chandeliers were a must in the noble houses of Europe during this era when the glassblowing technique was used. Before this, chandeliers had arms to hold candles, but later they used electricity and light bulbs.

A renewed and classic item

It’s amazing how these light fixtures have changed over the years. Nowadays you can install them in any room of your house.

One of the first changes is the glass colors. Before, you could only find transparent glass, but now you can choose many colors, which offers a modern style.

You can see chandeliers with black glass in sophisticated rooms or elegant restaurants. You’ll love this one from Mano Mano.

Chandeliers for your home – how to decorate with them

how to decorate with them

Chandeliers look better over the dining room table or in rooms with very high ceilings. However, you can put a chandelier in a corridor or bathroom. This gives a special touch, especially if you have a bathtub.

Chandeliers are perfect for bedrooms since they give a unique style and personality. You can place one over the bed or two small chandeliers over the bedside tables.

You can also place a chandelier over the stairs. If your house has two floors, this is a great choice to decorate the area.

You shouldn’t place them in small spaces or on low ceilings because they can be too dominating. If you love chandeliers, you can have a mini version, like this lilac chandelier from

The perfect styles for chandeliers

Chandeliers give a luxury touch to any space. Although they belong to classic environments, they look amazing with other styles.

For example, the rustic or country style offers a fun touch if you choose a simple matte design. Light multiplies because of the shape of the chandelier and gives brightness to your home.

You can use elements from the past and create new ideas using vintage decoration. Try putting a chandelier over a cupboard or furniture in the hallway. It’ll look beautiful!

If you like chandeliers, you have to have one in your home. It’ll be the main attraction and will illuminate any room in your house.

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