Rustic Style Ideas - The Charm of Simplicity

Try to visualize those rural houses of yesteryear for a moment. Would you like your home to look like this? With these rustic style ideas, you’ll surely succeed!
Rustic Style Ideas - The Charm of Simplicity

Last update: 10 July, 2020

The rustic style evokes simplicity, tradition, and naturalness. Without a doubt, these words perfectly define rustic environments. Inspired by old country houses, this style holds on to time with functionality and freshness.

It needs to remain faithful to its origins. Therefore, it’s best to apply it to spaces where a rustic base already exists. For example, in old houses that are in contact with nature.

Rustic style ideas – the materials and furniture

The importance of materials

A rustic bathroom.
Bathroom decoration /

The architectural context exerts a great influence on rustic environments. Building techniques and traditional structural elements remain intact to become active decorative elements.

Wooden beams, stone walls, and fireplaces are emblematic images that characterize this style.

Baked clay pieces are top options. And handmade items are ideal to highlight the artisan character of an environment.

Also, wood and stone floors are very common. Stones appear in the form of boulders. Sandstone, slate, and aged marble will give a very natural look.

The most widely used woods are oak, chestnut, and walnut. As they’re quite dark, it’s advisable to combine them with lighter woods, such as pine, beech, and maple. This way, you make the rooms look brighter.

Furniture with a country touch

A canopy bed.

Rustic furniture is austere, practical, and very resistant. It consists of simple wooden furniture that has been restored, inherited, or bought in antique stores.

Also, new furniture can undergo the aging process to give it that rough character that perfectly defines this style.

The stars of rustic style are old pieces of furniture of yesteryear made using artisan techniques, such as benches, chests, and sideboards. Don’t forget wing chairs, desks, rocking chairs, and canopy beds.

Wooden chairs with straw seats are also very characteristic of this style. Try placing them individually or around a table. They’ll look amazing!

Furniture often retains the natural color of the wood, often with a wax finish. If you want to give it a touch of originality, paint it in light colors.

Rustic style ideas – decorative elements

A rustic dining room.

Rustic is a sober style that requires natural and warm materials. Stay away from chrome and plastic. For the decorative elements, the two preferred materials are wood and wrought iron.

Keep in mind that wrought iron is used for headboards and hardware such as handles, handrails, and knobs. In addition, it appears as curtain poles, rings, and chandeliers.

Give a new life to all kinds of objects from the past, such as jugs, wood stoves, and tables. They’ll provide your home that much needed coziness.

The kitchen will be the place where you can have a multitude of accessories, such as copper saucepans, teapots, clay dishes, porcelain pots… These are very useful, as well as decorative!

Also, consider salvaging old farming tools, such as cart wheels, gallows, and yokes. They’ll look great as decorative objects in the corners of your home!

It’s a good idea to find a new use for old relics – jars become flowerpots, milking stools, seats, and threshing machines, coffee tables.

For upholstery, curtains, and cushions, use natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool. These fabrics will make your rooms look very cozy.

The finishing touch

Wildflowers in a pot.

Avoid overcrowding spaces, as rustic furniture is usually large and has a strong personality. It’s better to opt for a few well-chosen pieces so you don’t overload your spaces.

Also, it’s preferable to avoid cluttering the environment with traditional elements so you don’t make it look artificial. The best way to avoid this is by introducing decorative details or modern furniture.

Don’t forget about the colors. The color range of the rustic style is earth, copper, and tan tones. All are warm and delicate colors that create an atmosphere of tranquility.

If you want to give your home a certain old and worn touch, you can apply a patina. Some of the most used are draping, colored washes, and speckling.

For the finishing touch, place white porcelain vases with wild flowers or pots with aromatic plants on your tables and sideboards. They’ll provide freshness!

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