Original Wrought Iron Stair Railings

Time to change up your stairs! There's no better way to do just that than using an original, creative stair railing.
Original Wrought Iron Stair Railings

Last update: 20 August, 2019

Ironwork is of the most common sights in home decor. The beautiful shapes can embellish all kinds of features: balconies, furniture, and doors. In addition, of course, there are wrought iron stair railings.

While wrought iron seems like an artisan craft that’s disappearing, it’s come back into favor in the past years. People have been rediscovering classic or traditional styles for vanguard and modern decor. These pieces are undeniably elegant and versatile.

Wrought iron is especially popular for stair rails. They transmit both a light design and security while adding personality to the overall decor. On top of that, they can also showcase amazing creativity and elegance with a little free style.

Find inspiration in our ideas and transform your stairs with a new decor.

Stairs bursting with color

iron stair rails color

Traditional wrought iron stair railings are often too traditional for many decor styles. But you can change them by adding a little color.

For the most part, classic wrought iron have neutral finishes such as black, ivory and sometimes even green. But this palette can be a bit dull, especially in modern settings. To switch things up, a pop of color can completely change your stairs.

They can help you create a modern space and one that’s full of light, just add a bold glaze. Or, create a romantic or shabby chic setting with these colors: turquoise, rose or lilac. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.

Less is more

iron stair railings

Another interesting way to apply wrought iron to your home decor is through minimalist stair railings.

  • While most wrought iron designs are complex with curvy lines and intricate details, you can also go for something simpler. Try straight lines that flow better with modern decor.
  • These kinds of stair railings use simple lines, smooth shapes and strictly precise symmetry. If they feature decorative elements, they’re only lineal. Meanwhile, the composition allows for both flat and 3D objects.

Minimalist wrought iron decor can create a balance between vanguard and traditional design.

Gothic-style wrought iron stair railings

iron stair rails gothic

Gothic designs are some of the most classic options for stair railings. You can easily recognize a Gothic design by looking for a clear geometric, circle-based design. Gothic stair railings are shiny, haughty and feature a limited palette of decorative detail: clovers, vines, and leaves.

Gothic balusters can fit into most decor styles, but they’re best suited for big homes with classical decor, such as a French or English setting.

An iron wave

iron stair railings

Waves are one of the trendiest designs for wrought iron stair railings these days. Unlike more classic designs, waves flow horizontally in a way that the railing seems like it’s moving, transporting the onlooker to the sea.

They’re perfect for creating movement in still areas of your home. Their simple design also can allow you to use other materials, such as wood, along with the iron. The combination will create a unique effect full of textures and colors.

Botanically-inspired wrought iron stair railings

iron stair railings botanic

Wrought iron designs that feature plants, flowers and trees are becoming more popular as well. Botanically-inspired stair railings are the latest decor trend. And they also make the perfect natural decor for any home.

They come in plenty of varieties. Some feature ancient trees that inch up along with stairs or others that feature gardens and beautiful floral designs. Many of them are more than just a constructive element; they’re true works of art.

These stair railings also have another advantage: their original and exclusive design make them a timeless piece that can fit into any decor style regardless of whether it’s classical or contemporary.

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