Ideas and Tips for an Eclectic Interior Design

It's time to change the way we design homes and give another look to home interior decoration.
Ideas and Tips for an Eclectic Interior Design

Last update: 31 May, 2020

The perfect aesthetic doesn’t always rely on symmetry and order but there aren’t fixed ideas on this. This article will show you a new concept – eclectic interior design ideas.

The design isn’t limited to typical furniture shapes, straight lines, or a strict order. Many possibilities can fit perfectly with any decor.

Decoration concepts are endless. Some shapes are more common than others but don’t dismiss other interesting options. We’re talking about original concept ideas.

Eclectic interior design and its contrasts.

The aesthetic beauty of eclectic interior design

Unusual ideas are part of a different concept. In interior design, people always look for order and symmetry. Usually, interior design uses a lot of rectangles, squares, horizontal lines, etc., but there are other interesting ideas worth exploring.

Using unusual elements in interior design can create a strong contrast. The most important thing is to counter shapes, using stable shapes and combining a few unusual ones. Create innovative spaces using a few interesting and unusual details.

Interesting and unusual details

Here are a few examples of unusual details. This is the best way to understand how to form a relationship between different and regular elements of decoration.

  • Mirrors. They can come in different and unusual shapes, using sharp angles and asymmetric shapes.
  • Stones and minerals. They can be completely different from each other. These can offer a different aesthetic meaning by breaking the harmony of a design.
  • Shelves. Usually, shelves are made of horizontal boards. Try using cubes or sideways boards that look unstable but are functional. Place them randomly on your walls.
  • Rugs. Rugs with asymmetric patterns.

What about the furniture?

Furniture comes in many shapes, sizes, designs, etc. However, not all furniture will be different and irregular. Some pieces are more likely to have an original design than others.

Chairs are an interesting element. The back of a chair can be more or less elaborate, and chairs made of wrought iron have dynamic designs. On the other hand, some chairs are more about comfort than design. This is a way to make resources look more natural and dynamic.

Your dining room chairs can be different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Things don’t have to be symmetric

You don’t need to have symmetric spaces. Creating irregular designs doesn’t mean everything should look random but coherent.

Usually, we tend to organize spaces in the same way – a big sofa is the main piece in the living room and a big bed in the bedroom. Why not try other things?

Place your furniture to make it functional but don’t follow symmetrical schemes or a perfectly structured design. Be daring, because this is the way to create interest.

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