Different Types of Library Models

Libraries reinvent themselves year after year and adapt to all needs. You can choose between various library models, ranging from modular to classic.
Different Types of Library Models

Last update: 27 March, 2020

Beyond their practical function of storing books and other decorative objects, libraries also show us that aesthetics are just as important. In this article, we’re going to talk about the different library models so that you can choose the one that best suits your home and style. The possibilities are endless, so take note, because you’ll love these suggestions! 

Infinity of library models

A small bookshelf with various objects on it

Two complimentary designs

Sometimes it’s better to opt for two designs instead of one large one. This way, the library will look interesting and the layout will appear less cluttered.

Practically, the shelves shouldn’t exceed 100 cm so that they don’t bend. Also, if the bookcases are moveable, you can change the arrangement of the shelves to your liking.

Complete and well organized

Having the perfect library doesn’t have to be synonymous with order. It’s up to you to plan the layout so it’s organized. You should take this into account mainly when your library is in a small space.

Decide the distance between shelves based on the objects you plan to put on the shelf (25-30 cm for small books or 45-50 cm for large books). Don’t forget to organize them by content, and try to place the books that you read regularly on the central part of the shelf.

Double, light, and practical

Twin wooden bookshelves

To create a corner office with its own storage area you’ll need between 5-6 meters of space. For this space, choose objects just over a meter wide so that everything is proportionate.

You should choose models without doors and with closed areas at the bottom to keep your documents, invoices, and personal papers safe.

Modular bookcases with a sliding panel

Modular systems prevail when it comes to libraries because the bookshelves can be shaped and molded according to the storage needs and amount of space.

The bookcases are unique. In addition to adjusting their size, you can incorporate sliding panels embellish the front part of the bookcase and protect the interior from dust.

Library models – a wall as a bookcase

Turn your wall into a bookshelf.

A library or a partition? Or maybe both? The clear white spaces dominate as far as architecture is concerned and they can hold other objects as well as books.

Bookcases can serve as a separator to make transitions between zones without interfering with visual continuity or the entrance of light.

Library models with custom designs

There are currently comprehensive library designs on the market to decorate walls. The doors and shelves can be manufactured to a custom size.

You can choose wenge, walnut, or lacquer finishes. White is a great choice to decorate contemporary and minimalist settings.

Versatile, straight lines

Vertical or horizontal? Keep in mind that the placement will depend on the shape and size, so the library is practical and looks good too.

Also, you can combine it with other objects of the same style, such as a TV cabinet or a sideboard under the window. These two options will work well in a spacious room.

A huge classic library

A large classic library

Large classic bookshelves are a dream come true for lovers of reading. We’re sure you’ll love them.

You’ll find an ideal library consisting of four identical modules and a staircase to access the highest area, following the tradition of the old-fashioned libraries.

Libraries with display cases and sliding doors

There are libraries where the design overshadows the functionality. These comprise a nice showcase with glazed sides, a wooden back, and sliding doors.

You should also install glass shelves since this material will lighten the whole room. For greater comfort and visibility, use interior lighting.

As you can see, when designing your library, you’ll not only have to take into account its functionality but also the aesthetics you desire so that it looks perfect wherever you choose to put it.

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