Canopy Beds: A Charming Decor Temptation

We can't think of a better way to turn our bedrooms into palaces than with the charm of canopy beds. Discover them here.
Canopy Beds: A Charming Decor Temptation

Last update: 29 January, 2022

They can have long flowing, silky curtains or they may be just simple visible structures. Either way, the truth is that canopy beds (sometimes referred to as four-poster beds) continue to win hearts. As such, today, we’re going to present you with some variants.

Undoubtedly, the bedroom is a place where you want to create a haven of rest, the place where you recharge your batteries and feel comfortable. Canopy beds are a great way to achieve this and they’re back on trend too!

The charm of canopy beds

Colonial canopy bed.
Colonial bed /

If you want your bedroom to have a romantic atmosphere and a dash of fairytale magic, you need a canopy bed.

These beds may seem like furniture from the past or only suitable for children, but there are as many proposals as there are decorative styles. Depending on the material and finish, it can suit your space and your tastes.

Canopy beds for a palatial bedroom

Pink canopy.
Pink canopy /

Canopy beds traditionally have posts at each corner that are attached to each other through bars. You can hang curtains from their bars and leave them loose or tied to each post.

However, this concept has evolved to create a canopy. This can be done with either a ring from which the fabric hangs to cover the bed or with curtains that fall from the ceiling.

In the Middle Ages, canopies were used to cover the beds of upper-class people to keep their rooms warm, protect themselves from insects, and create privacy from the people who were at their service. Today, canopies are more than just a whim, they’re a way to add a dreamy and elegant touch to your bedroom.

Before you install a canopy bed: good to know

  • Measure: before making any decisions, measure your room and the height of your ceiling to see what type of canopy bed best suits your space.
  • Plan: the higher the canopy, the smaller your bedroom will appear. As such the rest of your furniture will go quite unnoticed.
  • Decide: the materials that your canopy bed is made of will speak volumes. It may be made of wood, iron, metal, or plastic and it’ll be a decisive factor for styling the rest of your bedroom. This is because canopy beds can give a rustic, colonial, or even a more modern air. 

Styles of canopy beds

Canopy beds

Straight lines

If you’re a lover of simplicity and minimalist style , the Retreat wooden canopy bed from Westing is going to enchant you. It’s in a dark tone and is made of mango wood with pieces in teak wood veneer, mahogany wood, and Mindi wood.

For the dreamers

Red bedroom

If you prefer a more romantic style, the SHEHERAZAD bed by Maisons du Monde, made of metal in brown, is just what you’re looking for. When combined with ivory curtains the sinuous steel will make you feel like a queen.

Canopy beds for little ones

Canopy in Kura from Ikea

The KURA bed frame by IKEA is perfect for adding a canopy and creating a magical world for your little ones. It’s made of wood and offers a lot of options for when they grow up. They love it because it gives them privacy and a haven for their imagination.

Canopy beds: the fast and cheap option

Round canopy

If you’re short on space or you don’t want a canopy bed with four-posters and all that its structure implies, check out this option of using a hoop with fabric for a child’s bed.

As you can see, canopy beds are charming and, without a doubt, a wonderful way to give your bedroom more personality.

Take into account the space you have, as well as the measurements of the canopy structure so that you don’t have any unexpected surprises. And remember, with some fabric you can create a fairytale bed to fill your resting place with charm.


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