Creating Space for Children at Home: Ideas From IKEA

Let's pay attention to creating space for your children at home. Here are some ideas from IKEA to help your children grow, learn and have fun.
Creating Space for Children at Home: Ideas From IKEA

Last update: 24 January, 2022

As school vacation approaches, it’s the perfect time for you to start collecting ideas for creating space at home for your children. These ideas from IKEA propose a series of inspirational styles to help your children play, learn and have fun.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas to share with you. Keep reading because you and your children will love them!

Children at play

Through play, children learn to develop their creativity and explore the world. It’s one of the ways in which they achieve both physical and emotional well-being.  

According to the latest edition of the IKEA Play Report study, play isn’t something that only benefits children but also the adults who play with them. This is because it promotes intergenerational relationships and mutual learning. 

Below, we’ll present some great ideas from IKEA for children at home. Not only so that they can enjoy and entertain themselves in their free time, but also so that they have a space adapted to their needs when doing school work.

Children at home: a space for everything with ideas from IKEA

Children should have defined spaces at home to carry out their activities: one place to study and another to play. You can emulate what they do in school through game corners. This way, they can carry out different activities in different areas of the home. 

This idea contributes to the autonomy of the little ones, so go ahead and allocate a corner for crafts, another for reading, one more for doing homework, one dedicated to puzzles only you know what your child needs and likes.

Children at home: a space for school work

study space

Creating a study area where children can concentrate and dedicate themselves to doing their school work is very important. The first thing is that they have a desk that they identify as their place of work.

Locate it in a quiet, well-lit area. An ergonomic chair and a storage solution where they can store their things will be the perfect complement to promote concentration and comfort.

The need for movement

Young children have a need for movement. For this reason, when it comes to furnishing and distributing their space, it’s important that you have room for your child to move at their leisure and without barriers. 

Children at home: ideas from IKEA on how to keep order

order at home

Sharing spaces isn’t an easy thing, especially when each person has very different needs. Adults need to keep order and children need to play. If they manage to have their things at hand, they’ll be able to play autonomously without needing so much attention. 

With a practical, capable and fun storage system, tidying up will be a game. You already know that IKEA sells colored boxes to make organization easier. In fact, the Swedish brand proposes that children associate each color box with a specific activity. 

A refuge for children with hours and hours of fun

children's shelter

Little explorers need to escape and fly to other worlds. With a few textiles, cushions and a bit of imagination, your children will be able to have a private space where they can escape when they need to.

You can offer them a refuge in which to discharge the tension of the day or read for a while. It’s a good idea to make it easy for them with their favorite stories at hand and adequate lighting. 

Children at home: ideas from IKEA involving family cooperation

Children at home: shared housework

When your children have free time at home, take the opportunity to teach them to be more involved in household chores. They love to imitate adult behavior and turn it into a game! So use that interest to foster collaboration at home and a sense of responsibility, as well as gender equality. 

Children’s free time at home is an opportunity to connect with them, regardless of their age. Make them part of the household routine and explore the worlds of their imagination with them. Transform your home and create space for your children to grow, learn and play.

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