10 Tips for Shopping at IKEA

Do you really know how to shop efficiently at IKEA? These tips can be a huge help for a more successful shopping experience.
10 Tips for Shopping at IKEA

Last update: 27 November, 2018

We’re all familiar with IKEA, the super retailer that offers many products at an economical price. But, do you really know what you’re looking for every time you make a trip there? We’ll show you 10 tips for shopping at IKEA.

Tip 1

You have to know what your objective is before going to an IKEA store: what you want to buy or how much you’re planning to spend.

Visiting IKEA for ideas can also be a good objective. You might be confused about which counter to buy, which lamp to use, what kind of decor would go best in a room, etc.

However, entering an IKEA store without clear ideas can complicate your decision because you’ll be confronted with so many products and you won’t know which one to choose. You could also try to look through a magazine or online catalog instead.

Tip 2

Choose a store. There might be a number of stores around your area.

However, you still have the internet. IKEA’s online store runs 24 hours and offers the option of visualizing the products and prices.

Using their online store has easy home-delivery options, offering convenience and guaranteed arrival on the set date.

IKEA online shopping

Tip 3

Once you locate the store where you want to shop, find a time where you can take things slow and go shopping. Use an afternoon to go shopping at IKEA because rushing around won’t do you any good.

For better time management, you can use the store map of the different sections to help you find where you need to go.

Knowing how to chose time is saving time

-Francis Bacon-

Tip 4

Too often do we walk into stores or supermarkets thinking that we can hold everything with our hands– but then we always have to go back and find a cart.

So, always taking a cart for the items that you want to purchase is a good idea. Along with the items that we plan on purchasing, we always grab a little something extra on the whim.

By getting a cart at the beginning, your shopping at IKEA experience will be more comfortable and efficient.

IKEA shopping cart tip

Tip 5

Check to make sure that all of your items are something that you planned on buying. You should feel satisfied with your shopping selection and avoid any later regrets.

If you’re thinking about buying a sofa, test it out at the store. Sit down and relax as you would in your own home. Similarly, if you’re looking for a bed, lay down on the store showpieces and close your eyes to envision sleeping in it.

For lampsIKEA displays them lit so you can picture the lighting in your home. When looking at the choices, imagine if they could be right for your home and choose wisely.

Tip 6

Throughout your entire shopping at IKEA trip, transport your mind to your home and determine if the furniture and decor th at you see match what’s at home.

You should consider these following design aspects before making a selection:

  • Color combination
  • Size
  • Scale
  • Shape and space occupation
  • Aesthetic compatibility in a room: the ability to complement a room with its features

Tip 7

Plan on investing several hours at IKEA, or more if you count the trip there and back in addition to the actual shopping time. Considering the time it takes to shop here, IKEA offers a dining option at their store restaurant.

IKEA restaurant


Tip 8

Don’t overload your cart with lots of items. Pick up only the essentials and what you really need.

Remember that you’ll have to place all of these items in your home. If you look at your cart, you might realize that you’ve picked up too many things and all of them aren’t essential.

So, be an efficient shopper and only select what you really need.

Tip 9

Before heading to the registers, double check your choices. Personal satisfaction is very important considering that it’s synonymous with happiness and comfort.

If you’re still feeling hesitant about something, you should leave it behind instead of having to come back and return it. Later, if you regret not buying it, you can just go back and find it.



Tip 10

Once you return home, do a final check. Lay out all of the furniture in the area where you want to put it and place all of the decor items in their spot.

The main goal is to make sure that everything fits well and if it adds to the atmosphere and the room’s other elements. If yes, then you’ve made a successful purchase.

But what happens if you’re not happy with the results? You can always return the product. We have to feel satisfied with our choice.

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