4 Armchairs from IKEA: Choose the Perfect One

Out of all the armchairs you can find at IKEA, we've decided to present 4 of them to you. Currently, they are among the newest options available.
4 Armchairs from IKEA: Choose the Perfect One

Last update: 26 November, 2018

It’s not the first time that products from IKEA have appeared in one of our articles. On this occasion, we want to give you information about 4 armchairs from IKEA.

The great thing about this international store is that there is so much variety that you always end up finding something that’s perfect for your home. And that means dimensions, color, design, texture… It’s not too difficult to find plenty of products that go well with the decor style of your house.

The following armchairs from IKEA would go equally well in a living room, office or even a bedroom. We hope you like our selection. We’ve decided to show you some armchairs that have just recently appeared in the latest IKEA catalog.


This first armchair is available in various colors/prints: beige, light blue, dark beige, red, yellow, white, and with a flowered pattern. The price varies depending on the model you choose, although it is approximately between 200 and 250 euros.

The cushions are made with a very elastic foam filling and polyester fibers. It goes back into shape as soon as you stand up. Also, the backrest cushion is reversible.

One of the armchairs from IKEA you can buy is this comfortable EKTORP sofa

Another advantage of this sofa/armchair is that the outer cover of the armchair (100% cotton) is very easy to remove and put back on when you need to wash it. Removable covers (whether for sofas, chaise longues, or armchairs) can be very useful. You could even give a new feel to your rooms without spending much money by changing the covers. These covers are very easy to wash too.

You can put the removable cover in your washing machine as long as the water temperature is not more than 40°C (generally the warm setting on most washing machines). You shouldn’t use bleach on these covers or put them in the dryer.

If after purchasing your armchair, a problem or defect comes to light, don’t worry. They come with a 10-year guarantee. You should just consult the applicable conditions on the warranty brochure.


We recommend this armchair if you have a smaller home. It doesn’t take up much space. It’s simple yet at the same time elegant and comfortable.

The same as with the previous armchair, you can put its removable cover in the washing machine, as long as the temperature is a maximum of 40°C. When you wash it, turn it inside out before putting it in the machine. And if you want to iron it, the maximum temperature you should use is 150°C.

These Tullsta armchairs from IKEA would be a great addition to your home

Currently, you can find these armchairs available in light green and beige. It could go excellently in a house with a Nordic or minimalist style decor. With regards to accessories, we recommend you buy them in pastel tones.

This chair costs 139 euros, so it’s very economical.


This armchair has a timeless design, which is why it would be easy to combine it with almost any style. The armchair legs are made from birch wood, which gives it a natural touch.

If you want to clean it, you should use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Since it doesn’t have a removable cover, you can’t use the washing machine.

As with the previous examples, it’s available in more than one color. You can find it in blue, dark grey and light brown-pink. This model would go well in a living room with modern decor.

These VEDBO armchairs from IKEA are classic

It is 199 euros. If you like the design, you could maybe purchase more than one. You could try them in different colors, for different parts of your house. There’s a different model that’s the same design but has a high backrest. It costs 100 euros more.

4. INDUSTRIELL armchairs from IKEA

This last example of armchairs from IKEA we want to show you is attention-grabbing because of its classic yet simple design. It could suit rooms with natural decor or an industrial style.

At first view, you might think it should just be a piece of outside furniture; however, it’s an inside piece. If you want to feel more comfortable, you could place some cushions in it (you could make them yourself) or a blanket.

You could add some cushions or a blanket to these Industriell armchairs from IKEA

It costs 149 euros. Since it’s such an economical option, we recommend you purchase at least two and create a pleasant corner with them.

As you can see, these armchairs are comfortable and at the same time elegant and beautiful. And, since there’s so much variety, you can easily find the most suitable armchair for your home.