The Chaise Lounge Sofa - Things to Consider Before you Buy

The Chaise Lounge Sofa - Things to Consider Before you Buy

Last update: 19 October, 2018

Don’t just go out and buy a chaise lounge sofa at random without first giving it some thought. Think carefully about your decision, taking the following considerations into account. Only then can you be sure that your living room will be a place of comfort and relaxation.

You can’t put a price on comfort, and knowing how best to achieve this in your home is no easy task. You don’t want to make the wrong decision, especially when it comes to choosing your sofa. So we’re going to give you some things to think about before you buy a chaise lounge sofa.

The sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture in any house. They take up a lot of room, and are found in one of the most important areas of the house, making them very visible to everyone.

So, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth investing in a good sofa, with high quality material and a look that will match the rest of your house. We’re going to tell you how to go about this.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing your luxury chaise lounge sofa. These are the epitome of comfort, and the best you’ll find on the market.

What is a chaise lounge sofa?

The name “chaise lounge” comes from the French meaning, “long chair”. Formerly, and particularly in the Rococo period in the 18th Century, they were very popular in upper class houses, and especially palaces.

So, historically they have been associated with comfortable sofas which allow you to stretch out, and which will give you a far superior level of comfort to an ordinary chair.

Go for a luxury chaise lounge sofa to ensure you get the best quality.

Today, they retain that same significance, and a similar look. Of course, they are still the epitome of comfort, but – available in a whole range of prices – they are now affordable for everyone, regardless of their “social status”.


Their design is usually pretty standard, with each being a similar shape. There may be certain variations from one to another, depending on the brand, however there isn’t really much difference between them.

They usually consist of a conventional sofa, but one end is longer than the other, breaking the straight rectangular shape to form an L-shape.

This elongated section is a place to rest your legs, so you have one part to sit on, and another to stretch out your whole body.

You can also buy a chaise lounge on its own, with an elongated seat where you can lie down and stretch out. This type is cheaper, and easier to incorporate into your living room.


The material is going to be in direct contact with your skin, so you need to choose a high-quality fabric. Don’t be fooled by the texture – buying cheap can cost you dearly.

The materials most commonly used for chaise lounge sofas are:

  • Polyurethane
  • Leather
  • Polyester

So the question is: which material is best?

Leather is a highly durable material, and usually better quality. However, this means it is usually much more expensive.

Polyurethane and polyester are also very durable and really stretchy. They’re usually soft in texture and super comfortable.

What to avoid

You have to remember that with time and use – which will almost certainly be daily – you’re going to see some wear and tear.

A great chaise lounge sofa should be great quality and super comfortable.

You might have noticed when you’ve visited friends’ houses that their cushions sometimes look a little worn out. This is down to the material. It’s therefore essential to make sure you buy a good quality piece of furniture.

Don’t buy from second-hand shops or unknown brands – they might look good, but the products probably won’t be great quality.

Make sure you buy a good quality product – it’s best to go for a trusted brand.

Compare prices

It’s important to keep a note of the different prices in different stores to make sure you fully understand what’s available on the market. There are lots of different stores to buy from, so don’t limit yourself to a single place.

Obviously, some will have higher prices than others – it all depends on the material, and the design itself.

Adjust your space to fit the sofa

Putting a chaise lounge sofa in your living room isn’t always easy. It’s essential to have a clear, open space to work with. Once you’ve positioned your sofa, you can organize the rest of your furniture around it.

Basically, the sofa should be the star of your living room, or at least work in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

Try to make sure your sofa doesn’t create tension in your living room.

Choosing the right color

Chaise lounge sofas can come in so many different colors. However, stores usually offer a range of sofas in neutral tones. That way, you can create a sense of chromatic harmony between it and the rest of your furniture.

A neutral chaise lounge sofa is so sophisticated.

Types of neutral colors you might find in stores:

  • Gray
  • Dark blue
  • Dark brown
  • White


When choosing your chaise lounge sofa, study the market carefully, and think about where you’re going to put it. Above all, try not to generate tension, and make sure your sofa is the perfect place to relax.