How to Divide Your Living Room into Two Sections

Creating two atmospheres in just one living room is possible. In our post, read up on our ideas on creating a multifunctional living room.
How to Divide Your Living Room into Two Sections

Last update: 08 October, 2018

These days, living rooms are getting smaller and smaller. Consequently, living rooms that have two sections, or a conjoined room, are becoming common sights in home design. Creating two separate sections in just one room is an efficient way to optimize on space.

We can’t always find a living room that has everything that we’re looking for, so it’s also a way to adapt the room to our needs.

A room that has multiple sections doesn’t have to be disorganized, or chaotic.

However, to prevent such a result, we need to try differentiating the separate sections without completely cutting them off from each other. If that’s what happens in your case, at least try to avoid using physical or visual barriers.

For example, if the way we separate the different sections ends up blocking the natural path of light, we’ll end up making our living room look smaller and that’s not what we’re after.

First and foremost, we need to make sure that the living room, despite having different sections, looks spacious and well-lit.

In our post, enjoy some of our ideas for successfully creating a living room with different sections.

Why is it so important to separate sections?

In some cases, creating different sections in one room isn’t a question of want but rather, of necessity.

living room Multi Why Sections are Important

As we mentioned previously in our post, homes are getting smaller and smaller, which sees a rising need to adapt them to our lifestyles.

Consequently, houses that have a living room with a small office or dining room are becoming more common.

As for loft-style homes, sectioning the living room into separate areas is actually fundamental. Creating sections could help us:

  • Keep things organized.
  • Use space more practically as each item has its own spot.
  • Make the best use of space.

How can we create two different sections in our living room?

Our living room might be one of the bigger rooms in our house. This allows us to divide up the room into different sections.

Living room multi how

What kinds of sections can we create in our living room?

To make these different combinations work well together, while still looking good, you have to understand that the key lies in how you separate these different spaces.

Knowing how to separate

Whatever the different sections you want to include in your living room might be, the elements described below are going to be essential for creating a harmonious living room with two sections.

Sofas, lamps and rugs

If you want to create a top-notch living room with two different sections, you can separate them by using your furniture and decorative pieces.

As an example, try moving your sofa behind the dining table to differentiate the spaces.

Living room multi sofa

Another idea might be hanging up some ceiling lamps over your dining table and over other strategic areas in your living room. Or, use a rug in the sitting area and not in the dining area.

It’s all about playing around with different elements.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are also a great way to separate a living room into two sections.

They work especially well because they connect the kitchen to the living room, which in turn allows the living room to be a part of the kitchen while still being a different area.

living room kitchen island

There are all kinds of kitchen islands available. Many of them also go by “auxiliary side tables” as well because they’re not stationary.

This idea will also work wonderfully for a dining area.

Shelves to divide a living room into two sections

Shelves also are awesome for creating two separate sections in the living room.

Living room shelves

In addition to dividing the living room, they’re practical as they provide a space to keep your books.

Transparent items

Transparent objects can offer us a big hand when we create a living room with two separate spaces.

First off, they’re items that don’t get in the way visually. Thanks to that quality, they don’t create visual barriers.

Living room transparency

Secondly, their transparency allows light to completely pass through, creating a more spacious illusion. Chairs, tables and even glass walls for closing off an area are all great examples.

In the latter case, the transparency allows us to keep an eye on what’s happening on the other side despite it being a completely different section of the room.


You need to be creative to play around with the elements if you want to create a two-sectioned living room.

There are other ways to separate the spaces in your living room, too. You could even use decorative panels, tall plant pots, etc.

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