5 Types of IKEA Lamps for All Styles

Still don't know what types of lamps to use in your home? We'll give you the best styles from IKEA that will fit with any type of home decor.
5 Types of IKEA Lamps for All Styles

Last update: 28 October, 2018

Does stylistic neutrality exist? If you said yes, you’re correct. When you’re decorating, you can use lamps that are versatile and fit in any environment. We’ll show you five types of lamps from IKEA that work in any style home.

In the world of decoration, people usually try to have everything in their space belong to the same style. However, it’s not always necessary for everything to match perfectly or fit just one type of decor. There are some pieces that can actually work in multiple styles.

Today, we’re going to use IKEA as a reference for the world of interior design. You can find a lot of different resources if you look through their website or walk through a store.

If we take a look at IKEA’s lamps, we’ll see that there are many different possibilities. Let’s look at five examples to help you choose something that will fit your space.

Ranarp lamps

This type of lamp is usually hanging. It has a wide and circular bell with an approximate diameter of 38 cm. It has a curvature that closes towards the center. The cable is also usually pretty long.

Aesthetically, you would think it belongs in an industrial or office environment. However, on the other hand you could put it in any style because of how compact and simple it is.

The color is the main element that you have to consider. The ranarp lamp comes in a wide variety of colors. We recommend that you have it in the same color as the rest of the decorative elements in the space.

Of course, the bell is really effective as it directs the light to one point while also generating indirect lighting towards others.

“Now, precisely that indirect and diffused light is the essential element of beauty in our homes.”

-Junichiro Tanizaki-

types of ikea lamps

Ranarp lamp / IKEA.com

Melodi lamp

The melodi lamp’s shape is a little more refined. It has a wide bell that’s also 38 cm in diameter. It has a curved enclosure that’s slightly more slender and not so abrupt in comparison to the previous lamp. It’s also a ceiling lamp.

This type of hanging lamp shows us, again, that you can have a light that directs light to one point while also diffusing it to the rest of the room.

Many bars and restaurants looking to offer a sophisticated touch will use this type of lamp.

As a recommendation, if you have to choose a color, using off-white will keep the lamp from drawing too much attention. However, if you want people to focus on the lamp, IKEA offers a wide range of colored varieties.

melodi lamps

melodi lamp / IKEA.com

“The lamp needs the light, but the light doesn’t need the lamp.”


Nymane lamp

The dimensions of the nymane lamp are usually wide. This lamp has no inner body and it focuses solely non being a concave, wide space.

The surface of this lamp is smooth. There’s no sudden change in its curve. Its design doesn’t lengthen the form, but it’s actually a kind of cap. It has a flat part at the top.

You’ll usually find the nymane lamp in kitchens. This type of lamp is functional and effective. It’s also easy to combine with the room you already have. It won’t draw a lot of attention.

Again, IKEA carries this lamp in a wide range of colors. However, the most popular colors are black and red.

nymane lamp

nymane lamp / IKEA.com

Angland lamp

Angland lamps are usually located on walls. They’re fixed there, and therefore don’t require a lot of space from the ceiling as with the previous examples. 

The angland lamp denotes character, personality, and a certain classic touch. It reminds us of elegant salons, but its aesthetics can fit any decorative style.

In terms of design, the angland lamp consists of a bell, which can be cylindrical or narrowed as it rises. It comes in a wide variety of shapes depending on what you’re looking for. The bulb is attached to the arm that you would screw onto the wall.

What happens with the actual light? It isn’t direct, and it won’t give enough light to brighten an entire room. That’s why using several of these lamps is best.

angland lamp

angland lamp / IKEA.com

Alang lamp

This lamp is slender and stylized. Unlike the previous examples, it’s a floor lamp. The format is very different compared to the examples that we’ve given you so far.

In the upper part of the lamp there’s a cylindrical bell. However, you can find lamps like this in different shapes.

With regards to different colors, IKEA doesn’t offer bright colors. Instead, they have a range of neutral tones, since you don’t want people to be focusing on the lamp as the main point of attraction. 

You would most likely find this lamp next to a sofa or in a place where you would need extra lighting. It won’t give light to the whole room, but it usually brings a warm, harmonious, and relaxed touch to whatever environment you put it in.

alang lamp

alang lamp / IKEA.com


All of the examples we give in this article would be perfect for any kind of interior decor. They all have a certain neutrality about them that makes them versatile in any space.

IKEA offers so many possibilities when it comes to lighting solutions. However, you’re the only one who knows what you can and should incorporate into your home.