Patio Mosquito Nets for Comfort and Protection

Chiffon or cotton mosquito nets are the most popular options for decorating spaces because they're airy and fall delicately.
Patio Mosquito Nets for Comfort and Protection

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Mosquito nets are a netted, chiffon-like material that people use to keep mosquitoes out of a certain area. In hotter, more humid areas where bugs are more abundant, mosquito nets are a must.

In the past, people hung mosquito nets only thinking of practicality. However, others found inspiration in how they were hung so stylishly in other places. As a result, they started to use mosquito nets for their original purpose to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

In our post below, we’ll show you how to create a patio space that’s both comfortable and protected with mosquito nets. You’ll see that with a couple twirls, you can make them into a beautiful decor element.

Why should you hang mosquito nets?

Mosquito nets keep mosquitoes out and stop them from snacking on us, day or night. They’re a means of preventing diseases.

Mosquito net why

We should also mention that these nets don’t just keep out mosquitoes. Flies, moths and other insects that are attracted by food or lights can also be a bother.

Types of mosquito nets

Depending on the space that you have available, you have several mosquito net options. For patios, you can go with a tent and curtain option as long as the net drapes nicely. A nice drape will add to the overall decor.

Mosquito nets don’t always have to be invisible or be completely unnoticeable to create a nice ambiance. Brightly colored mosquito nets can always be a great option, like purple, fuchsia, orange, blue or even black.

Some nets even have a shimmer that shines in both natural and artificial light without blocking the view. These are really worth looking for because they can give your patio a more special look.

Mosquito nets shimmer

These days, mosquito nets don’t just serve their original purpose. They also create a dreamy, delicate air for ambiance.

Installing them

Generally speaking, installing mosquito nets that are made for structures on a patio or in a different space is pretty easy to do. Their set-up is simple and comes together in just a few steps.

As for maintenance, that’s pretty simple, too. To prevent any kind of damage, you have to remove them when there are heavy rains or winds. Failing to do so could damage them and you’d have to change them completely.

Are there any accessories for mosquito nets?

Yes, there are some accessories that you can add to mosquito nets for a beautiful visual effect. One of the most popular options is fairy lights. They create a romantic, bohemian and dreamy setting, all at the same time.

These little lights fit into the areas where you hang the nets and hang from them like a vine, waterfall, waves, etc.

Some people also use string lights to decorate their mosquito nets. Depending on the model, string lights can be colorful, too. You can choose whichever kind to decorate your mosquito nets.

Mosquito net lights

String lights usually use versatile materials, like paper and plastic. However, you can also find some models that use semiprecious stones, fabric fringe, etc. There are even more delicate and whimsical models, like plastic ones that look like drops of water.

For something different, some people use little flags, origami, strips of fabric and other accessories to decorate and liven up their mosquito nets in a fun, original way. You can even find natural garlands for a more earthy look.

Go on and explore

Make the most of your mosquito net and create a magical space for your patio. It’s a simple element that can give you dreamy results. And remember, don’t be scared to use different decor accessories or a colorful net.

At the end of the day, in the world of exterior decor, you don’t always have to look for discreet or invisible netting. Even if you’re going for a minimal look, there’s always a way to add a little life to the ambiance with some color.

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