Reusing Wine Bottles in Your Home Decor

Recycling has great presence within the home. For instance, reusing wine bottles can contribute to the decor while giving it a more personal and original touch.
Reusing Wine Bottles in Your Home Decor

Last update: 16 August, 2020

Recycling has become a new trend in the interior design world. Every day people generate more and more waste and accumulate garbage that, directly or indirectly, ends up in the environment. Therefore, we want to talk to you about reusing wine bottles in your home decor.

Reusing objects that are no longer “useful” is growing. For example, in schools, they’re teaching students that you can create classroom decorations with any object or utensil.

Glass is one of the materials that’s used to make many containers. Wine is found mainly in bottles that, after drinking, end up as an empty green container. However, before throwing your wine bottles away, why not give them another life and offer them a new place in the home?

Why reuse when decorating?

Use wine bottles to decorate your home


Reusing materials produces a big impact on society. We should be teaching young people that not everything has to be thrown away. Working with your imagination, any item can fulfill another function.

Within the decor world, recycled materials can offer multiple possibilities. However, it’s here where the creativity of each item plays a very important role, producing resources that are completely innovative and original.

By doing this you can help the environment. The less waste you generate, the more benefits you’ll get at the environmental level. And, interior design can be part of this good deed.

Recycling means helping our planet.

Five ideas for reusing wine bottles

A lamp fixture made by reusing wine bottles.

Wine consumption has skyrocketed in recent years. Furthermore, producers have been making more and selling greater quantities. The bottles can have considerable use within the home. Therefore, we’re going to look at 5 ways to reuse wine bottles:

An interesting way is to use a wine bottle as a vase. There are two options – simply leave the glass untouched or paint the outside. If covered in a coat of paint, this will transform it and provide an attractive and personal touch.

If you have an event or celebration at home and want to create a relaxing atmosphere, you can place candles inside the bottles. For this, we recommend making a hole in the glass and leaving it the original color to enjoy the light.

As for lamps, you can make several of them and hang them from the ceiling. Start by placing a lightbulb inside each bottle so it screens the light and emits a cozy feeling.

Another idea is to turn the bottle into a table lamp. To do this, you can simply reuse a steady bottle. You place the lightbulb on the top of the bottle along with a fitting and shade.

Finally, we want to highlight another interesting technique – wine bottles as a dry goods jar. You can store lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc. inside. We’re focusing on functionality, which, can also complement the kitchen decor.

Reusing wine bottles in the garden

A shot of a landscape detail.

Outside you can create unique flowerpots. Just cut the bottles in half and put different types of plants and flowers in each one. They can be placed in a row, one after another.

A fence can also be created in the garden using the same method. The bottles just need to be glued together one on top of the other.

Within the garden, you can also define the garden path with the bases of the bottles on the edges, placing them consecutively in different shades. Here, a completely innovative aesthetic is produced.

Be creative

Finally, by being creative, you can make all kinds of decor items. Without a doubt, people with imagination have homes where recycling plays an important role.

In short, reusing wine bottles is a great idea for the home from different perspectives. The best one? As you decorate, you’ll be helping Mother Earth.

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