How to Decorate your Home with Beer Glasses

For beer lovers, decorating with beer glasses is a really interesting option. This is an original way to demonstrate your passion for your favorite drink, and show off your collection of glasses from around the world.
How to Decorate your Home with Beer Glasses

Last update: 12 December, 2019

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The way it’s served, and the glass it’s served in varies from country to country. In this article, we’ll show you how to decorate your home with beer glasses.

Travelling gives you the opportunity to discover interesting places and new customs. This is particularly true in the world of food and drink, where the cuisine can vary hugely from culture to culture, not just in terms of the ingredients that are used, but also in terms of the way they are served and consumed.

Beer is just one example. Famous all over the world, beer usually comes in either a mug or a glass, depending on the country. As such, each vessel has a different aesthetic, that can be really useful for decorating your home.

Beer glasses aren’t just for bars

It’s time to give your beer glasses a whole new context and bring them out of their natural habitat. After all, the bar isn’t the only place for them. You can also display them in your home, and enjoy them in a more casual way.


The best way to drink beer is out of a mug. Unlike other drinks, such as wine (which is always best from a glass) ceramic, clay or glass mugs are the ideal way to enjoy your beer.

In the world of bars and pubs, beer normally comes in clear glass. In this next section, however, we want to show you some other types of beer glass from around the world, that can make interesting additions to your decor.

Beer glasses are generally large in size and make really eye-catching decorations.

Bar glasses – souvenirs from your travels

Many people collect beer mugs from around the world. It’s a way to show your journey through different countries and bring back a small souvenir from each one. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting designs:

  • One of the most famous beer glasses is the stein or tankard. Roughly cylindrical in shape, beer steins are topped with a metal lid to keep out flies. These are common in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and France.
  • Like steins, beer mugs are roughly cylindrical in shape. However, they are generally much shorter and are traditionally ceramic. The outside is often decorated with illustrations. These beer glasses are most common in Northern Europe.
  • The beer horn is a rather unusual example, designed to replicate the way people traditionally drank beer in the past. In some countries, beer is served in real horns, while in others, ceramic mugs have simply been fashioned into the shape of a horn. These are common in English-speaking and Scandinavian countries.
  • Of course, there are several other varieties. However, they don’t have a particular origin, and they aren’t necessarily all that common. In most cases, they are one-off novelty pieces, designed to look like boots, skulls, or any other objects.
Beer horns.

Where to display your beer glasses

We’re sure that by now you’re probably wondering, “Where can I display my beer glasses?” It’s important to remember that you’re using your glasses to demonstrate your love for one of the world’s oldest drinks so that your guests know that you are a beer aficionado.

  • If you really want to display your beer glasses in full view, place them high up on a shelf. While placing them here does mean that people will have to look up slightly to admire them, displaying them on a low table won’t allow them to be seen properly.
  • Another option is to display them in a glass cabinet. This will allow them to be perfectly visible from every angle. Plus, because they are safe inside the cabinet, they won’t gather dust.

It’s best to make sure your beer glasses can be seen from every point in the room, without them being hidden behind other objects.

Choosing the ideal room

The living room is ideal for your beer glasses. This is the most high-traffic area of the house, and it’s the perfect place to show them off to your guests.

If you have one, the dining room is another good option. A place of eating, drinking, and spending time with loved ones, there really is no better spot for your beer glasses.

If you want to keep your collection a little more private, you could always keep them in your bedroom. Just remember that they won’t be as obvious here.