How to Choose a Good Interior Designer to Decorate Your House

Before you start decorating the house or don't know where to start, we recommend that you turn to a professional interior designer who'll be able to help you.
How to Choose a Good Interior Designer to Decorate Your House

Last update: 28 January, 2021

When you’re about to embark on an extensive decoration project, either because you’ve moved, or because you want to shake things up a bit at home, then it’s quite daunting to have to start from scratch. In these cases, the best solution is to turn to a professional, but how do you choose a good interior designer to decorate your home?

You may want to decorate and turn your house into a dream home. However, once you’ve started, there may be tension and imbalance with what you’ve done. The tables might not match the chairs, there isn’t enough light in certain parts, and it’s too bright in others. And maybe the curtains aren’t to your liking and make the room feel a bit cold…

Because of that, a good interior designer may be just the person you need for you to reach your goal. However, finding the right person to entrust this work to can be a really difficult task. That’s why it’s important to get the services of a professional.

Identify your style before choosing a good interior designer

Interior design.

The first step is to first identify the decorative style you’re most comfortable with. It’s very difficult to find a specialist if you don’t even know what you want.

To carry out your own personal style, you need to be able to observe some interior design work that’s currently in progress. A good formula is to take a look at some decoration magazines, design books and stores. You may also be able to find some inspiration on social networks, such as Instagram or Pinterest.

Set a budget

Setting a budget.

Secondly, you must be realistic about your possibilities and establish a budget that meets all your expectations. The budget will depend on the size and scope of the project. In turn, this criterion will help you to track down some interior designers, since many of them don’t accept small projects.

Another factor that you must take into account when establishing your budget forecast is what you have available to pay for the interior designer’s work. This step is very important to know how to focus the design work.

Interview the candidates

An interview.

Once you have compiled the names of your candidates, have a look at their credentials and select three or four that interest you. We don’t recommend that you select more than this number as the more you have to interview, the more difficult it will be to compare their styles and work.

If, on the contrary, you choose too few, then you run the risk of not finding enough variety in the aesthetics, work styles, and personalities of the designers to be able to make the best possible choice.

When getting to know the candidates, you should open your mind to new opinions and styles. One important point here is that you should have full confidence in the interior designer you choose, as he or she will advise you on where to direct your reform work, and they’ll be making important decisions.

The key to identifying a good interior designer is an in-depth interview.

The decisive moment – choosing your interior designer

Shaking hands.

Then comes the decisive moment when you have to finally choose the candidate who best suits your needs and personality. Before making this decision, you’ll have to carefully compare the results of the different interviews. To do so, here are some keys you shouldn’t overlook:

  • The interior decorator’s fee must be in line with your budget
  • Their style and personality should be compatible with your project
  • There needs to be a good rapport as regards communication and trust between the two of you
  • The interior designer’s good references can be verified, either by former clients or by their dossier

Communication with the specialist is key.

Make a contract when you’ve chosen a good interior designer

Design work.

Once you’ve chosen the right person, make sure that all aspects of the project are decided upon and finalized. It’s essential to have a thorough contract which covers all the important aspects such as budget, working hours, or responsibilities.

The best way to ensure that all the objectives set out in your contract are met is to have a work plan. This schedule will be of great help in setting out objectives and priorities and, above all, the phases to be followed in the whole process.

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