The Raw Style - A New Trend in Interior Design

If you want to decorate your home with untreated materials and live in harmony with the environment, consider the raw style.
The Raw Style - A New Trend in Interior Design

Last update: 15 April, 2020

The raw style is here to stay, and it is one of the most original latest trends. It has positioned itself among the popular interior decorating styles. Why is that?

It’s a very fresh and natural style to find a direct connection with the environment. This style is easily achievable. You just need natural materials that haven’t been processed or manipulated.

Raw style is a lifestyle

Using untreated natural materials can give your home the perfect look.

This style requires the use of natural products without any human intervention.

The raw style is more than a decorative style – it’s a way of life. This lifestyle originated due to our concern for society and the search for an eco-friendly way of life.

The concept of raw style first appeared in the field of gastronomy. People wanted to incorporate unprocessed foods into their diet to live healthier lives and not harm the environment. Only recently has this philosophy infiltrated the world of interior design.

Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better.

-Albert Einstein-

The beauty of wood imperfections

Untreated wood makes your room stand out.

The raw style is groundbreaking. The defects of the materials, such as wood, become one more decorative element. For this reason, the main characteristic of this style will be untreated wood.

Using wood for decorative purposes isn’t exclusive to the raw style. For example, the rustic style requires the use of wood. However, with the raw style, the wood is used in its purest form.

What does that mean? Because the wooden furniture isn’t going to be treated, it is simply sanded superficially to avoid splinters. The objective is to expose the natural features of the wood, such as cracks and crevices, grains, or unevenness.

Ecological textiles

Various uses of natural materials in your home

A very important component of this style is the use of natural textiles. The raw philosophy is defined as living with mother earth and causing the least possible damage.

Therefore, this style requires the use of ecological materials. In the case of textiles, the most frequently used ones are those that have hardly been processed. The main fabrics we find are:

  • Linen – a natural fiber that does not require any type of pesticide and is biodegradable.
  • Cotton – like linen, cotton is biodegradable, sustainable, and renewable. It’s cheap, and the use of pesticides in this fabric has been considerably reduced.
  • Natural wool – this comes from animal hair, doesn’t require the use of chemicals, and is very ecological.
  • Hemp – another natural fiber that doesn’t need pesticides and is extremely resistant.

The search for simplicity in the raw style

The raw style can be implemented in your kitchen.

Another important factor of the raw style is the search for simplicity and harmony. To achieve a raw style with your home, you shouldn’t saturate the rooms with raw wood. Incorporate some elements without overdoing it, and maintain a connection with the furniture that already exists.

A perfect solution is to install one or two main pieces of furniture. Examples include stools made of wooden logs or a shelf made of beams.

On the other hand, incorporating elements from nature will help us emphasize the ecological character. We can achieve this by placing plants on furniture to add a touch of color.