Trends That Will Define 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, it's time to say hello to the new trends waiting for us around the corner. Learn about the new ideas that will define the new interior design and architecture trends as well!
Trends That Will Define 2020

Last update: 03 February, 2020

Year after year trends come and go, and some will define 2020. Trends don’t only influence fashion but they also ripple through interior design.

Next year, nature will have a strong presence in our homes, expelling anything artificial. So make sure you use the right accessories that will help keep your decor modern.

On another note, furniture is also a hot topic that will change to suit functional spaces. They’ll be smaller and adaptable. As for color, learn about the tones that will star in the most elegant color palettes.

In our post today, dive into all the decor trends that’ll define 2020. Apply them to your home to keep up with the times.

2020 natural stone

Covering large areas with natural stone will be a big trend in the new year. Thanks to technological advances, big slabs of natural stone are now a common solution.

What’s more is that stone products are lighter and lighter, which makes for easier wall or floor installations. You can create elegant, trendy spaces with big slabs of natural stone.

Or, for our readers who love alternative options that look similar to natural materials, stoneware makes a solid choice. Use it to create unique spaces.

In 2020, we’ll also see a lot of marble and similar finishes for walls or dining tables. Marble will also be a popular choice for bathroom details and other rooms as well.

Modular, adaptable furniture

2020 modular adaptable furniture

Don’t think twice about investing in a good piece of furniture that can make your life easier. In 2020, modular and adaptable furniture pieces will make an increase in popularity. These pieces are hot-picks thanks to their versatility and a wide variety to choose from.

Furniture designers are taking more cues from their consumers to create unique, functional pieces. They suit various settings, making them a perfect choice for any room in your home.

Go dark

2020 dark colors

Breaking away from the trends of recent years– which starred Scandinavian decor and neutral or light colors– 2020 is going dark. We expect to see bolder decor with deep, dark colors.

Dark colors will cover furniture, walls and decor accessories.

The turn to dark, elegant tones is a sharp move away from traditional Scandinavian favorites. But make sure to balance the colors of your furniture and walls.

2020 eighties

2020 is the comeback year for the eighties. For example, expect to see neon details, finishes, and elements. Other small details will blast you back to the past as well.

Meanwhile, other pieces of furniture, such as light fixtures or panels, will have a contemporary feel instead. Don’t be afraid to mix the flamboyance of the eighties with functional furniture or contemporary details.

The eighties brought many trends, like pastel colors, to life. But neon colors were hands down the most iconic.

Light fixtures will steal the show

Thanks to innovations and technological advances, light fixture options will overflow. You can opt for simple lines, geometric motifs or even mix and match different light fixtures to create unique spaces.

You can also try flexible or tube lights. They can match well with organic decor by providing a tasteful contrast. Light fixtures will play an important role in your home decor.

Mixing and matching elements

Another great idea for making unique spaces is mixing and matching elements or finishes. Long gone are the days of keeping these identical or symmetrical. Try using cement flooring with hydraulic tiles or wooden floors.

You can also use typography to jazz up your walls and your furniture to make your home unique by choosing intense colors.

2020 wood

Wood is a classic material in interior decor yet it reinvents itself year after year. And 2020 won’t be an exception. The warm touch wood offers will shine through furniture, creating a special air.

In 2020, we expect wood to join forces with organic lines as well as folds and curves to create incredible furniture that only seems to be single pieces. Use dark finishes for your wood products.

You can also use wood in every inch of your home, for furniture or sculptures.

As you’ve read with us today, the trends for 2020 are strong. Try them in your home decor to keep up with the times.

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