Keys to Having A Trendy Bedroom

Do you wish to have a trendy bedroom? Take a look at these tips!
Keys to Having A Trendy Bedroom

Last update: 25 January, 2020

This year, the decoration of your house will consist of plants, golden reflections, curved shapes, and elegant and soft velvet accessories. However, we want to delve deeper into the latest trends so that you’re aware of what’s in and what isn’t. That’s why in this article we’re going to give you the keys to having a trendy bedroom to make your sleeping experience even more pleasant.

Let’s start with the headboards

A blue velvet headboard.

Mesmerizing and elegant, these are the two adjectives that represent the headboards of 2020. Art Deco is crawling its way into our bedrooms and does it in the form of intense-colored velvet fabrics or pieces typical of the 20s. Geometric shapes, luxurious details, and gold can also be a good option.

The past is still in

A classic grey wallpaper in bedroom.

Vintage bedrooms have always been in and there’s a reason for it. Exotic wallpapers and brass beds make for a trendy bedroom. Your grandmother’s dresser and a modern lamp would give a vintage bedroom the finishing touches.

It isn’t about choosing only classic furniture but looking for things that have a personality that’s consistent with your style. Don’t be afraid to mix classic and modern, by the way! You’ll love the result.

Coziness is essential in a trendy bedroom

A cozy corner in a bedroom.

It’s okay to want to have a trendy bedroom. Nonetheless, you must remember the whole purpose of this space. This is the place where you sleep and rest after a long day. That being said, you must keep it as cozy as possible.

Lately, hygge or lagom invite us to connect with peace through the spaces we spend the most time in. That’s why this year your rooms shall be dressed in light colors, soft fabrics, little furniture and lots of light. You’ll see that these elements create an ‘almost perfect’ place.

All about keeping it natural

A wooden-made headboard.

If you’re a lover of nature and simplicity, this is the type of bedroom that’ll you’ll fall in love with.

The bohemian style is imposed once again by creating relaxing spaces. If you have a large bedroom, place some large plants in it and choose natural materials such as bamboo, burlap or rattan as accessories. Don’t forget to pay attention to the fabrics; carpets, cushions, bedding with soft colored prints and curtains are all vital elements of a bedroom.

For the most modern

A minimalist bedroom.

The industrial style continues to mesmerize plenty of deco lovers. A room with little furniture but with very clean textures and simple lines will make your bedroom your ideal place. Opt for gray, micro cement and dark metal detailing. Everything must be useful, so forget about saturating the space with decorative elements that have no purpose. Remember – less is more.

Keys to a trendy bedroom – extra advice

A neutral-colored bedroom.

We’d like to give you some bonus tips that’ll help make your bedroom your favorite place in the entire house. Let’s take a look.

  • Wallpaper – Believe it or not, wallpaper is totally in this year. We recommend you go for Art Deco designs. You don’t have to put wallpaper on every wall, adding it to the headboard wall is enough to make the difference.
  • Fabrics – Don’t hesitate to play with different types of fabric by adding cushions of different sizes and colors. Add different colors with your bedding too, just make sure they’re in the same color palette. Add a cute rug to complete the look. Be creative!
  • Moldings – This is another decor element that’s made a comeback. A lot of people think of them as ‘classic’, but don’t let that fool you, they look incredible in modern spaces as well. Take a risk and you’ll see how your entire bedroom looks more sophisticated by adding them.
  • Details are important – Adding a few ornaments is more than okay as long as they make you feel comfortable in your space. Lamps, candles, pictures on the wall, colorful details, vases with flowers… You name it, the possibilities are endless!

In brief, by considering these tips, you’ll for sure get the bedroom of your dreams! Now it’s time to make it a reality.

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